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Nitrifying Bacteria

Beneficial bacteria for ponds is the most basic way to balance pond water and improve aquatic ecosystem health.  Excess nutrients and organic waste plague pond ecosystems.  By using bacteria and enzymes to break down excess nutrients and waste, a pond owner can extend the life and health of the pond. 

Nitrifying bacteria are one of the most powerful pond management tools.  Available in both pellet and water-soluble packets, nitrifying bacteria convert harmful forms of nitrogen to harmless nitrogen gas that is released from the pond surface to the atmosphere.  Fish and other aquatic life benefit from the breakdown of ammonia, nitrate, and nitrate in the water by the nitrifying bacteria. 

Unlike many pond treatments, nitrifying bacteria multiply when applied to a pond or lake and consume nitrogen compounds that can harm fish.  Regular application of beneficial nitrifying bacteria improve the pond ecosystem and provide a healthy environment for aquatic life while limiting algae blooms.