Waterscapes 101


Watershield, Brasenia schreberi, is a rooted plant that produces long stems connected to oval shaped leaves that float at the pond surface. Unlike water lilies, the leaves are only 1-4”, and produce a small purple flower. Watershield also produces a slimy gel coating on the bottom of leaves and stems. 


Watershield is also known as dollar bonnet. The floating pads can be confused with water lilies. Water shield leaves are much smaller(1-4") oval shaped, where water lily pads are round and 6-12" in diameter.

Growth can occur in up to 6 feet of water. For shallow ponds, this could become a nuisance weed and require management. Water shield provides habitat for fish species like bluegill, largemouth bass, bream.

Watershield can be removed physically with a lake rake. Vegetation can repopulate from any left over roots or seeds.

Chemical Management Options

For early season control apply Navigate granular aquatic herbicide. Granules sink to the bottom and kill watershield at the roots. Begin noticing results in 7-10 days.

CattPlex can be applied to mature vegetation that is above the water surface. CattPlex is a liquid aquatic herbicide that is applied by tank sprayer. All watershield pads must be sprayed for good results. Begin noticing results in 7-10 days. 

Propeller is a great treatment option if there are multiple aquatic weeds growing in an area of the pond. Propeller comes in a granular form but is dissolved in water and tank sprayed in areas where there is active growth.


Watershield treatment options