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Eel Grass

Eel Grass is a submerged weed with leaves up to two feet long.

Eel Grass is a native pond plant that can be found in lakes/ponds and stream beds. Eel Grass leaves remain submerged with the ends of longer leaves floating on the surface. Eel grass leaves are straight and clustered at the roots. The leaves can grow upwards of 2 feet long and can range from 0.5-1 inch wide.

Eel grass leaves and roots provide food for ducks and other aquatic organisms. Eel grass also provides habitat and cover for small fish and many other small aquatic species.


Is Eel Grass good or bad for my pond?

Uncontrolled growth of Eel Grass can inhibit recreational activities such as fishing, boating, and swimming.

How to get rid of Eel Grass

As a preventative measure Pond Dye can be used to restrict weed growth as it limits the amount of light that is able to touch the bottom of the pond.

Since Triploid Grass Carp do not primarily feed on Eel Grass the main physical control methods are raking the pond or installing physical barriers that rest on the bottom of the pond.

Raking your pond for Eel Grass can be an effective method of control as Eel Grass does not grow by fragmentation. However if there are roots that are missed during the raking process the Eel Grass is likely to have regrowth.

Installation of physical barriers is also an effective control method as long as the barriers remain clear of build up of sediment and dirt as it can result in pond weeds growing on top of the barrier.

Best treatment to kill Eel Grass

Harvester is a contact aquatic herbicide meaning that it only affects the parts of the plant that come into direct contact with it. It is important to only treat a limited area of your pond at a time as to minimize the risk of low oxygen levels which can result in fish kills.

Aquathol is a contact aquatic herbicide that has a broad treatment range. Aquathol can be used with a catalyst or surfactant to enhance the efficiency of the herbicide. Aquathol is available in liquid forms (Aquathol K) and in granular forms as well (Aquathol Super K).

Hydrothol is a contact aquatic herbicide that is fast acting and should be applied to growing plants. To reduce toxicity to plants and aquatic life only treat up to 10% of the ponds surface with Hydrothol at a time.

Eel Grass Control

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