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How big is my pond?

Surface area(square feet)= Length (feet) x Width (feet)

Surface area(acres)= Square Feet /45,560

If dimensions are unknown, click here to submit a pond mapping request

How can I keep my pond clear?

Regular treatments of Pond Cleanse and Phosphate Eliminator will improve overall water clarity. These treatments target both nutrients that cause clarity issues and flocculate suspended particles that reduce clarity.

What is the safest herbicide to use for pond weeds?

The safest rated aquatic herbicide for shoreline vegetation like cattails, primrose, and phagmites is Clearcast.

The safest aquatic herbicide for submerged weeds is Sonar. This is a slow acting herbicide that kills weeds to the roots

When is the best time to treat my pond?

Natural treatments- treat anytime water is above 38 degrees.The sooner you begin treatments the easier it is to stay ahead of common issues.

Chemical treatments- In general, apply to weeds once they are actively growing. Algaecide treatment can be applied once water reaches 60 degrees

Is there a treatment that will kill pond weeds and algae?

Yes. Two options that will kill weeds and algae are Propeller and Duckweed Destroyer Pack

Why is my pond covered in algae every year?

Algae has no root system. When nutrients and sunlight are available, algae has what it needs to grow. Chemical treatments used to kill algae will not prevent new growth from appearing. Proactive treatments like Pond Cleanse, Muck Remover, Phosphate Eliminator and Pond Dye reduce both the food source and sunlight needed for growth.

Read more about algae growth

Does my pond need aeration?

Yes- aeration provides the pond or lake with more oxygen than it can produce on its own. When oxygen levels are increased it allows for improved degradation of pollutants or contaminants present in the water. This also helps to prevent odor and taste problems associated with low oxygen concentrations in water bodies. Additionally, it can help improve aquatic life since fish and other aquatic life require dissolved oxygen for survival.

Read more about the importance of aeration through each season of the year

What is the best aerator for my pond?

There are multiple ways to aerate your pond. Choosing the best system begins with understanding the size and depth of the pond. Shallow ponds less than 6 feet deep are best paired with surface aeration while deeper water ponds should install a bottom aeration system for best results. Read more about choosing the right aeration system here.

Get an aeration system recommendation with mapping layout here

How do I make my fish grow bigger?

Growing bigger, healthier fish begins with water quality. Other key factors include ample food source, proper fish habitat, and adequate dissolved oxygen.

Read more about producing larger fish here

Why did my fish die over night?

Rapid fish kills often occur as a result of low oxygen. Many factors impact oxygen- herbicide applications, heavy vegetative growth, water temperature, weather. Because dissolved oxygen reaches its lowest point just before sunrise, this is why large fish kills are often noticed first thing in the morning. Prevent fish kills by installing a pond aerator.

What is the best pond leak sealer?

There are a number of solutions available for leaking ponds. The severity of the leak and condition of the soil often determine the type of sealant used. Bentonite is typically used when leakage is severe, soils are poor, or the pond is completely dry. When leakage is slow, soils are moderate, or there is still more than 4 feet of water in the pond, Soilfloc is often the best choice. Here are some scenerios where bentonite or Soilfloc is a better choice.

How long does it take to see results?

This answer has great variability based on the treatment. Here are some of the most common products in question:

Pond Dye: Ponds with circulation will notice dispersion throughout the pond within 24-48 hours. Without circulation the process may take a bit longer

Muck Remover: Results can begin to be "felt" (muck consistency in the pond) after 2 treatments. Visual results may take 3 months or more depending on the muck severity.

Pond Cleanse: Because Pond Cleanse is a natural bacteria it often takes 2-3 weeks for bacteria to establish. Water quality results can be noticed after 3 weeks (lowering of ammonia, nitrate, nitrite). Improvements to clarity may take 2-3 treatments.

Algae Control Pack or Cutrine Liquid: Algae growth will begin to die back 24-48 hours after treatment. At that time more algae will appear at the surface and green algae will begin to yellow.

What is the purpose of pond dye?

Pond dye blocks sunlight from reaching the bottom of the pond where growth begins. Think of pond dye as sunscreen for the pond. By reducing light, vegetation and algae growth are limited.

pond dye benefits

Is it possible to overtreat my pond?

Every treatment varies. Some treatments like Muck Remover, Pond Cleanse, and Phosphate Eliminator have a "start up" or "shocking dose" rate. Pond dye rates can be increases based on visual asthetics.

Chemical treatments like aquatic herbicides and algaecides should not be overused without prior consultation. Chemicals can have detrimental impacts to aquatic life if misused.

I just purchased a property with a pond, where do I start?

Pond water testing is the first step for new pond owners. This provides a wide range of useful data of what may need addressed, what to expect, and what to be concerned about. Once the water has been analyzed, next steps often include treatments to improve the health of the pond, fish stocking, and habitat installation.

Can you identify my pond weed?

Yes! Our team of pond experts can review submitted images of your pond weed for identification. In order to easily identify, please remove a few plant fragments from the water and take a close up image of the vegetation. Submit pictures to . Check out our pond weed information pages to learn more about common pond weeds.


Where are your products made?

All Natural Waterscapes brand pond treatments and feeds for fish and waterfowl are manufactured and packaged in the United States.

How is my order shipped?

Pond treatments, feeds, and most aeration systems ship via Fedex Ground or UPS Ground. Live fish and snails ship via Fedex Express 2nd Day. Larger shipments (over 100 lbs) of bentonite clay or Soilfloc may ship via Fedex Freight or a dedicated freight carrier.

How do I place a tax exempt order?

In order to set up a tax exempt account, send a picture or copy of your Tax exempt certificate along with name and billing address to .