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Natural Pond Cleaner for Large Ponds

Natural pond cleaning is an essential part of creating a balanced pond ecosystem. Signs of an aging or out of balanced ecosystem include algae blooms, cloudy water, foul odors, excessive weed growth, and muck accumulation. Many of these issues can be avoided with proper management and maintenance. Neglecting these problems ultimately degrades the ecosystem and compounds the situation for future years. Keeping these water bodies clean preserves these special places against accelerated aging. These waters bring to us a chance to connect with nature- recreational activities like boating, swimming, fishing and just absorbing the beauty of nature.

Internal and external pollutants disrupt the natural balance of the pond. Besides water run-off, pollutants can be introduced from fish, waterfowl, wildlife and farm animals. Muck is actually one of the biggest contributors to pollutants in a pond. Excess nutrients (pollutant) like phosphate and nitrate create ideal conditions for excess growth of algae and aquatic weeds. Chemical treatments used to control pond growth can not only harm aquatic life, they can destroy naturally occurring bacteria that are needed to maintain a healthy ecosystem. All of these stressors to the water body have a detrimental impact to its balance and also its recreational and agricultural uses

Reducing the nutrient levels in a pond is essential for restoring balance to the ecosystem and maintaining healthy water quality. Regular use of natural treatments and installation of aeration reduce nutrients and improve health. Treatments like Pond Cleanse, Muck Remover and Phosphate Eliminator are essential for maintaining a healthy pond. By using these targeted treatments, you can help improve the water quality and clean your pond of excess nutrients.

Pond Cleanse is a blend of beneficial bacteria and enzymes that break down nutrients like nitrate, nitrite and ammonia in water. Muck Remover pellets are another formulation of beneficial bacteria that consume organic waste and nutrients that settle to the pond bottom. Phosphate Eliminator is an additive that targets phosphate suspended in water, binding it and settling to the bottom where it is no longer useable.

By aerating a pond and adding beneficial bacteria, muck can be reduced through natural processes. This reduces the number of harmful nutrients that release in the water. Reducing nutrients suspended in water provides a healthier environment for aquatic life. Under cleaner conditions, fish and other critters can grow and reproduce at the proper rates without restrictions that result from stress. Cleansing the pond of excess nutrients most importantly reduces health risks to pond users and their pets.

Without a balanced and healthy beneficial bacterial community, water bodies can suffer from poor water clarity, changes in pH levels, and a decrease of dissolved oxygen.

The removal of unwanted nutrients and excess organic material from ponds is an important step in slowing down pond aging. It is important to monitor nutrient levels and implement a proactive water quality management plan to reduce stressors on the water body. By minimizing external stressors and ensuring a healthy microbial community in the pond, it is possible to maintain a healthy aquatic ecosystem that can support recreational activities for years to come.