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Feed For All Aquatic Life

It’s important to feed your fish specifically for what they need in order to get the outcomes you want. Different species of fish require different ingredients and nutrient balance to grow and thrive.

Fish Food for Ponds

Game Fish Variety is a fish food formulated for game fish species. The pellet size is 3mm which is ideal for fish at multiple growth stages. Whether you are feeding newly stocked 4" bass to the pond or feeding adult bluegill, this food is an excellent choice.

Big Bass Blend is a fish food formulated for sportfish. This premium blend of fish food is 5mm in diameter, making it perfect for maturing fish. Our feed consists of the very best ingredients sourced for maximum growth potential with minimal waste.

BigCatch Catfish Food is a complete diet formulated for catfish and other omnivorous fish. Our food is ideal for maximizing the grow out of catfish. This food is also great for carp and tilapia.

Feeding Ducks, Swans, and Geese

Waterfowl Feed by Natural Waterscapes is a premium floating feed for ducks, geese, and swans. The pellets are meant for feeding in water. Waterfowl feed floats for over 1 hour! Pellets consist of fishmeal, and a proper balance of fiber/protein. Providing waterfowl with well balanced diet results in less waste in water, and healthier birds.