Natural Waterscapes was founded in 2007 to provide water resource management services throughout the US.  As the business grew and diversified, it was clear that there was a significant need for high-quality pond and lake treatments backed by caring, expert customer service.  What began as a full-service business shifted to focus on creating improved products and efficiently getting those products into the hands of pond and lake managers. 

Our experience in design, construction, and management guides product development.  We maintain a focussed Pond and Lake Management division to conduct research and product evaluations under real world treatment scenarios. 

Our Legacy Services include Pond Restoration, Pond and Waterfall Design, Pond Construction, Dredging, Pond Leak Repair, Dam Repair, Pond Outlet Repair, Pond Liner Installation, Bentonite Pond Liners, Fishery Management, Large Waterfall Construction, and Aeration System Installation.