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Fanwort aka Cabomba - Rooted Aquatic Weed 

Cabomba caroliniana is a submerged aquatic plant. It produces red stems 10 to 30 feet long. Fan shaped leaves branch opposite of one another along the stems. Leaves can be green to dark green and sometimes reddish brown.

Fanwort flowers grow at the surface, but the rest of the vegetation stays submerged. Flowers consist of small white petals and a yellow center similar to a daisy.

Common names for this plant species include carolina fanwort, green cabomba, and carolina watershield. Fanwort can be confused with watermilfoil and coontail due to the bushy leaves. The key distinction for carolina fanwort is the leaves do not whorl around the stem, they form opposite of each other instead.

cabomba caroliniana

Where does cabomba grow?

Cabomba caroliniana is native to the southeastern United States. This plant isn't widespread through the United States.

Cabomba spreads through fragmentation and seeds. In late summer stems become fragile and break easily.

Free floating fragments can survive for up to 8 weeks. It can grow in water up to 10 feet deep. Boats that travel between ponds or lakes (without being thoroughly washed)can introduce cabomba accidentally from fragments that attach to the propeller, boat or trailer.

Is cabomba caroliniana good for a pond?

Fanwort is classified as an invasive plant species in many states. It outcompetes desired aquatic plants. It is recommended to control this invasive aquatic species if spotted because it spreads easily in a wide depth range.

Herbicides to kill Cabomba plant

Sonar provides the best long term fanwort control. Sonar reacts slowly, taking 30-60 days for results. The entire pond must be treated for success. This treatment option is only for ponds with little or no flow coming into the pond. Sonar AS, Sonar One and Sonar RTU are available options.

Propeller is fast acting treatment option. Propeller comes in granular form but is dissolved in water and tank sprayed in areas where fanwort grows.

Harvester provides fast control of fanwort. To improve results mix with Cutrine (1 qt Harvester, 1 gal Cutrine). This is a contact herbicide. Must come in contact in order to kill.

Cabomba Fanwort Control

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