Waterscapes 101

Parrot Feather

Parrot feather, Myriophyllum aquaticum, is a rooted aquatic plant that produces branching stems with feathery bright green leaves. Tops of parrot feather often float to the surface and stick upright out of water.

parrot feather

Parrot feather leaves resemble that of milfoil. The distinguishing difference is parrot feather's bushy leaves that grow up out of water, where watermilfoil vegetation stays in the water.  

This weed spreads through fragmentation. Stems can grow up to 5 feet long and create large surface mats. Growth reduces recreational use. Parrot feather weed creates an ideal habitat for mosquito larvae to hatch and increase mosquito populations. 

Chemical treatment options:

Aquathol K and Aquathol Super K provide excellent control of parrot feather. This treatment yields quick results. There are no water use restrictions after use.

Tsunami DQ provides fast control of parrot feather. To improve results mix with Cutrine (1 qt Tsunami, 1 gal Cutrine). This is a contact herbicide. Must come in contact in order to kill.

Sonar provides a long term management solution for parrot feather. Sonar reacts slowly, taking 30-60 days for results. The entire pond must be treated with Sonar for success. This treatment option is only for ponds with little or no flow coming into the pond. Sonar AS, and Sonar RTU are available options.

Parrot Feather Treatments