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Spatterdock, Yellow Water Lily or Cow Lily

Spatterdock, Nuphar lutea is an emergent aquatic plant. Other common names for this plant include yellow pond lily, cow lily and bullhead lily.

This plant consists of a network of rhizomes connected to long stems that produce heart shaped leaves and yellow flowers. Leaves often float but can also emerge from water. Leaves can emerge up to 2 feet above the water surface. Yellow flowers bloom in July and August.

This pond plant is often confused with water lilies. The yellow flowers produced by spatterdock are much smaller than lilies, 1-2 inches in diameter.


Where does bullhead lily grow?

This plant is native to the eastern United States. It can grow

Nuphar spreads by rhizome and seed distribution. Growth typically occurs in 1-2 feet of water.

Is spatterdock a good plant?

The spatterdock lily provides a wide range of pond benefits. It is an excellent source of cover and habitat for fish. Spatterdock also provides food for aquatic life and animals out of the pond.

bullhead lily

Spatterdock Control

For early season control apply Navigate granular aquatic herbicide. The active ingredient in Navigate is 2-4D which is an effective systemic herbicide. Granules sink to the bottom and kill yellow water lily at the roots. Results are noticed in 7-10 days after application.

Clearcast is a liquid aquatic herbicide for spatterdock lily. The active ingredient in Clearcast is imazamox which is a systemic herbicide.

This treatment is tank mixed and sprayed on mature vegetation that is growing at the water surface. All lily pads must be sprayed for good results. Results are noticed in 7-10 days after application.

To enhance treatment effectiveness and reduce waste from dead vegetation, mix Clearcast with Pondzilla treatment enhancer.