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Texas Hunter Products

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Texas Hunter Fish Feeders

If you are looking for a reliable pond fish feeder, the Texas Hunter Product line the cream of the crop.  Solid metal construction in a reliable solar fish feeder keeps the fish food flying into the pond.  The Texas Hunter Feeder is a direction fish feeder so it launches pelleted fish food up to 45 feet from the fish feeder location.  The broad distribution of feed (up to 20 feet wide) allows many fish to feed at the same time.  If the goal is to grow trophy fish, automatic feeding can provide just the extra nutritional boost needed to grow monster predator fish!  An automatic feeding program targets forage fish to build the aquatic food chain naturally.  The larger sportfish then grow by feeding on the forage fish.  Some larger fish like trout and catfish will also eat the pellet fish food.

Digital timers on the Texas Hunter Fish Feeders are used to program fish feeding times, how much feed is dispensed, and how many times a day the fish are fed.  Leg options are available for dock mounting and shoreline mounting so the feeder can be placed at the most convenient location.