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Texas Angler Fish Grass 48" - 6 Pack

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  • Texas Angler Fish Grass 48" - 6 Pack
  • Texas Angler Fish Grass 48" - 6 Pack
  • Texas Angler Fish Grass 48" - 6 Pack
  • Texas Angler Fish Grass 48" - 6 Pack
  • Texas Angler Fish Grass 48" - 6 Pack
  • Texas Angler Fish Grass 48" - 6 Pack


Texas Hunter Fish Grass 48" - 6 Pack

  • Fish Attractant
  • Snag-free fishing-friendly design
  • Eco-friendly materials
  • Easy no tool installation

Fish grass provides a large underwater surface area. Bluegill love the hiding space provided by aquatic plants. The large surface area, along with the attraction of bluegill, creates an ideal location for laying eggs. The grass creates 4854 square inches of habitat for fish.

Package includes

  • 6 (16" x 16") Platforms
  • 24 (12" x 48") Artificial Grass Strands
  • 96 Quick Press Fasteners (to Attach Grass to Platform)
  • 12 Velcro Straps for Attaching Platforms to Pavers

 What you will need: 6 Pavers to Anchor - Designed to Quickly Attach to 8" x 4" x 2" Pavers

Benefits of Artificial Habitat

Artificial fish habitat is a great way to improve fishing in ponds and lakes. 20-30% of a lake should be covered with habitat. A combination of natural and artificial habitat is best for the ecosystem of ponds and lakes.

Habitat provides shade, hiding, surface area for laying eggs, and spaces for both feeder, and game fish to enjoy. Habitats, like this artificial fish grass, create sanctuaries for game fish.

Why use artificial grass instead of real grass?

Artificial plant life is much easier to maintain than real vegetation. Using artificial habitat prevents harmful invasive plants from taking over the lake or pond.

Aquatic grasses can be very hard to maintain. These grasses need to be maintained to prevent over growth that will harm the ecosystem of the pond. Pond grasses can aggressively spread across the pond.

Texas Hunter fish grass is created with a snag-free design. This design allows for easy fishing around the habitat. When fishing with real vegetation, snagging is all too common. Using this shallow water attractant will allow easy, snag-free fishing in areas abundant with fish.

How to make fish grass:

Texas Hunter fish grass is easy to assemble and install.

Setup and Installation

  1. Lay one grass strand parallel with the edge of one platform
  2. Use four quick press fasteners to attach the strand to the platform
  3. Repeat on all 4 sides of the platform for all six platforms
  4. Use the velcro strap to attach the paver to the bottom of the platform

The platforms can then be dropped into the shallow fishing areas of the body of water.

Where is the fish grass best used?

This shallow water fish habitat is perfect for shallow fishing ponds. The 48 inch fish grass is best used in waters four feet or shallower. The artificial habitat is best used when the top of the grass is visible from the surface. The artificial grass can be used in ponds and lakes of any sizes.

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