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Texas Angler Fishing Lillies - 6 Pack

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  • Texas Angler Fishing Lillies - 6 Pack
  • Texas Angler Fishing Lillies - 6 Pack
  • Texas Angler Fishing Lillies - 6 Pack
  • Texas Angler Fishing Lillies - 6 Pack
  • Texas Angler Fishing Lillies - 6 Pack
  • Texas Angler Fishing Lillies - 6 Pack
  • Texas Angler Fishing Lillies - 6 Pack
  • Texas Angler Fishing Lillies - 6 Pack
  • Texas Angler Fishing Lillies - 6 Pack


Texas Angler Fishing Lilies

  • Perfect fish attractant
  • UV-protected, eco-friendly material
  • No regular maintenance required
  • Easy installation

Texas Hunter Lily Pads create shade that attracts fish and has a snag-free fishing-friendly design. This fish structure is engineered with eco-friendly and UV-protected materials that last a lifetime.

Each Fishing Lily has 4 square feet of surface area, meaning the Fishing Lilies 6 Pack provides 24 square feet of shade, habitat, and hassle-free fishing.

Package Includes:

  • 6 Fishing Lily Clusters
  • Aquatic Bungee Cords
  • Snag Free Tubing
  • Eye bolts and lock nuts


What you will need: Six half cinderblocks for anchoring

Benefits of artificial fish habitat

Aquatic Habitat is necessary protection for feeder fish and young fish against larger fish. By attracting plants and animals, fish habitats are beneficial to both natural pond and lake habitats, and fishing.

Artificial habitat can dramatically improve largemouth bass fishing. Fish habitats are ideal for fishing. Large fish are attracted to these areas due to the high concentration of forage fish around the habitat. Bass habitats and other fish habitat products make finding bass significantly easier while fishing.

Why use artificial lily pads instead of real water lilies?

The lily pad fish habitat creates cover and structure for fish. This design creates a large area of shaded water for fish. The shade created by this fish structure attracts bass as well as other fish species. Fish attractors make ideal fishing areas.

Real lily pads can be a hassle to maintain. Unless regularly cut, lily pads can become invasive and decrease the water quality of your pond. Having artificial lily pads allows for shade and coverage while avoiding constant maintenance.

How to make fish habitat

Each lily pad is attached to a bungee cord and a cord cover to prevent snagging while fishing. The cords attach lily pads to the cinderblocks for anchoring. Cinderblocks are not provided. The cords are stretchy to adjust the habitat to water fluctuations.

Setup and Installation 

  1. Attach included eye bolt bottom side of lily pad
  2. Tie included marine bungee cord to cinderblock or brick (weights not included)
  3. Adjust cord length to the depth of water then attach cord to eye bolt
  4. Install each lily pad approximately 6 feet apart

This artificial structure is specifically designed for the best and most convenient use.  The marine bungee anchor cords let the lily pads adjust on their own to water fluctuations. The product design allows for easy installation as well.

Where is the best placement for artificial water lilies?

This product is best used in larger ponds and lakes. The lily pads are effective for use in fishing ponds stocked with larger fish, and feeder fish. The artificial water lilies are good to create safe spaces for fish in all types of ponds.

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