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Texas Angler Fish Pyramid

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  • Fish Pyramid Structure
  • Artificial fish habitat
  • Fish Structure
  • How to create fish habitat
  • Texas Angler Fish Pyramid
  • How to make fish habitat
  • Texas Angler Fish Pyramid
  • Texas Angler Fish Pyramid
  • Texas Angler Fish Pyramid
  • Texas Angler Fish Pyramid


Fish Pyramid Artificial Fish Habitat by Texas Hunter

  • Perfect fish attractant
  • Creates shade
  • UV-Protected, eco-friendly materials
  • Easy no-tool installation

This Texas Hunter Fish Pyramid creates shade that attracts fish and has a snag-free fishing-friendly design. This habitat is engineered with eco-friendly and UV-protected materials that last a lifetime. Small holes in the pyramid panels allow for small fish to enter while keeping larger fish out. The shade blades attached to the outside of the pyramid create shade that keeps larger sport fish near the habitat.

Package Includes: 

  • 4 Pyramid Panels
  • 12 Shade Blades
  • 2 Anchor/Suspension Cables
  • 1 Anchor Rope

Assembled Size: 27" L x 27" W x 30" H 

Benefits of artificial fish habitat

Artificial fish habitat can dramatically improve largemouth bass fishing. Fish structures are ideal for fishing. Large fish are attracted to these areas due to the high concentration of forage fish around the habitat. Bass habitats and other fish habitat products make finding bass significantly easier while fishing.

Habitat is a necessary protection for feeder fish and young fish against larger fish. By attracting plants and animals, fish habitats are beneficial to both natural pond and lake habitats, and fishing.

How to make fish habitat

Texas Hunter Fish Pyramid has no tools required for easy installation. The habitat can be either suspended or anchored upon installation.

Pyramid Assembly:

  1. Snap 4 panels together
  2. Insert wavy cross members
  3. Attach anchor cables
  4. Attach cinderblock anchor to anchor cable (cinderblock not included)

Suspending: 1 Full Cinderblock

 Anchoring: 1 Half Cinderblock

What makes this the Best Fish Habitat: 

The Texas Hunter Fish pyramid is constructed with eco-friendly, UV-protected materials that will not break down over time. Although it will not deteriorate, the pyramid will become a part of the natural environment of the pond. This artificial habitat will grow pond plants, algae, plankton, and other food sources for feeder fish. The pyramid shape, equipped with panels on all sides, creates a large surface area for plants to grow on.

Where is the best placement for pyramid habitat?

The pyramid fish habitat structure is perfect for small ponds or large lakes. This aquatic habitat is fit for deep water, as well as shallow water. The pyramid can be used in ponds with water as shallow as 3 feet.

This area allows for more growth of plants and algae. Plants and algae are beneficial when growing in controlled spaces, such as this fish pyramid. Plants and algae are essential in attracting feeder fish. Fish attractors, such as this pyramid, make catching large fish species much easier. 

What is essential fish habitat?

Fish habitat is necessary to establish and maintain a thriving aquatic ecosystem. Essential fish habitat includes places for fish to seek shelter and protection, food, and for spawning.

Natural shelter/protection include large rocks, stumps, brush, plants. Plants like water lilies attract insects and amphibians making it a great feeding area for young fish. These young fish are food for larger game fish.

Attracting "feeder" fish to an area using artificial habitat is a great way to catch larger game fish. The smaller fish localize the game fish population, making fishing easier.


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