Pond and Lake Management

Let the professionals handle it!
Our full service management begins with a complete health evaluation of your pond or lake. This provides a clear picture of the water quality, water volume, sediment accumulation, aquatic weeds, algae, and aquatic habitat conditions.

Natural Waterscapes accepts a very limited number of new management clients.  Contact us today to find out if your pond or lake is a good fit.

Upon completion of the health evaluation, you will receive a full report detailing the findings with an action plan to improve and maintain the pond.

Our management professionals provide routine service, water quality treatments, and aquatic weed management throughout the open water season. In Pennsylvania, the management season typically extends from March through November.

For most ponds and lakes our routine service includes bi-weekly visits by an Aquatic Specialist to monitor and respond to changing conditions.

Our licensed aquatic herbicide applicators are able to manage even the toughest aquatic weed and algae invasions maintaining the beauty and function of your pond.

Experience full enjoyment of your water body! Schedule a Health Evaluation and Management Plan today. Upon receipt of your request, one of our knowledgeable Aquatic Specialists will contact you to schedule a site visit to your pond to begin the evaluation.

Pond Management Services Include:

  • Floating Fountain Service and Routine Maintenance
  • Aeration System Maintenance and Repair
  • Surface Skimming
  • Embankment Repairs
  • Outlet Maintenance and Repair
  • Improvements Such as Nesting islands, Waterfall Circulation System, Filtration, Docks, Underwater Lighting, etc
  • Natural Biological Treatments for Nutrients and Bottom Muck
  • Aquatic Herbicide Application (by licensed applicator)
  • Bottom Aeration Systems
  • Automatic Water Level Controls and Pumping Systems
  • Liner System Repairs
  • Automated Water Quality Treatments
  • Various Aquatic Consulting Services