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"You guys did a fantastic job. No duckweed or watermeal to be found." - Jeff, Pennsylvania

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This pond owner from Texas used CattPlex and Plex Mate to kill their American Pondweed. 

This pond struggled with thick algae mats and invasive sago pondweed, which would cause issues with intake pumps in case of a fire in a large commercial manufacturing building. Treatment of Cutrine Plus Granular, Cutrine Plus Liquid, Pondzilla, Tsunami, and Plex Mate helped to tackle the algae and weeds. Biweekly beneficial bacteria treatments have improved water quality and decreased algaecide/herbicide use!

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"Highly recommend this company for any pond/tank treatments." - Leslie, Texas

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"You guys are awesome. This is now my pond just after 3 weeks. Love you guys. I've been struggling with this for 4 years." - Rob, Pennsylvania

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"Thank you for making our beach usable again." - Charlene, Michigan

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"It might not be perfect, due to things we can't control, but it's much improved over the last two years, thanks to you guys!" - Rachel, Pennsylvania 

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"Thanks to all the great advice from Natural Waterscapes over the past 3 years! The pond was a wild mess when we bought the property but it is looking so much better now! This was accomplished with SoilFloc, Navigate Granular, Cutrine Plus Granular, and maintenance with Pond Dye, Muck Remover, and Pond Cleanse." - Angie, Pennsylvania

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This Pennsylvania pond owner used a combination of Propeller and Plex Mate to take care of duckweed and watermeal.

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"We've been using your products for two seasons now and are very happy with the results and proud to show off our beautiful pond." - Lauren, Delaware

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Before and after of a North Carolina pond that was covered in duckweed and watermeal.

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This Pennsylvania pond struggled with high nutrients and algae problems before using products to clear it up.