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Pond Aeration Benefits All Year Long

Aeration is most commonly used during warm weather months to maintain oxygen levels. Aerating a pond has numerous benefits that change along with the seasons.

Pond Aerator use in Fall

Aeration reduces turnover & reduces the risk of a fall fish kill

A shift in water temperature can cause turnover. In the absence of top to bottom circulation, water naturally separates. Oxygenated water stays near the surface, while deeper areas contain little to no oxygen. Changes in weather cause these separated waters to mix or "turnover." Rapid changes in weather can catch fish off guard, leaving them in the wrong place, wrong time.

Winter Aeration

Aeration replenishes oxygen and pushes out toxins from water in winter

Leaves and dead vegetation from fall begin breaking down and turning to muck throughout winter months. As waste breaks down, it consumes oxygen. In addition, muck releases gases back into water.

Spring & Summer Pond Oxygen

Adding bottom aeration improves water quality and maintains adequate dissolved oxygen levels for fish in warmer water

Stagnant, low oxygen water open the door for nutrients to present themselves in unhealthy numbers. Both nutrients in water and muck at the bottom trigger algae blooms. As water temperatures increase, oxygen levels decrease.

Natural Waterscapes recommends aeration all year. Pond aeration provides unique benefits with the changing seasons. They are all equally important to maintain pond balance and improve overall pond health.