Waterscapes 101


Phragmites, phragmites australis, produces very tall stands with green grass like leaves. At the top of the stalk is a feathery tassle similar to the top of a corn stalk. Another name for phragmites is common reed. 


Phragmites can grow 6 to 15 feet tall. Spreading occurs through seed and rhizomes. It can be found in areas with moist soil, along ponds, lakes, and wetlands. 

There are limited benefits to aquatic life. Phragmites outcompetes desired plant species. The extreme height causes visibility issues. Phragmites produces more waste than shorter shoreline weeds which causes shorelines depths to decrease at a faster rate.

Is Phragmites Invasive?

Yes. Phragmites is invasive. It reduces habitat for fish and wildlife. It blocks out desired plant species that provide benefit to aquatic life.

Phragmites Control

CattPlex and Plexmate together is the best treatment option to control phragmites. This treatment is tank mixed and sprayed directly on vegetation. Herbicide only kills weeds that it comes in contact with. Dense stands of phragmites may require multiple treatments.

Phragmites Herbicide Treatment