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AquatiStick Aquatic Surfactant 32 oz

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AquatiStick Aquatic Surfactant 32 oz

  • Increases effectiveness of aquatic herbicide application
  • Adjuvant, sticking agent

AquatiStick is a non ionic surfactant for aquatic use. This is not a stand alone treatment. AquatiStick is meant to be mixed with aquatic herbicides or algaecides. Mixing your treatment with an aquatic surfactant increases the effectiveness of herbicide/algaecide treatment by up to 70%.

When to use AquatiStick

Use with any herbicide or algaecide treatment that is sprayed in or around water.

How to use AquatiStick:

AquatiStick is tank mixed with selected herbicide and water prior to treatment.

Mix 2 oz AquatiStick per gallon of water/herbicide mixture

What is the importance of a surfactant for aquatic use?

Surfactants are essential for aquatic use as they help increase the effectiveness of herbicides and algaecides when treating aquatic environments. They act as adjuvants and sticking agents, ensuring that the treatment sticks to the target plants or algae, maximizing the herbicide's efficiency. By using a surfactant like AquatiStick, the effectiveness of the herbicide or algaecide treatment can be boosted by up to 70%, making it a crucial component in aquatic weed and algae control.

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