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Sonar RTU Aquatic Herbicide 32 oz

Cannot ship to: AK, CA, CT, D.C., HI, ME, NJ, NY, RI, VT, WA
  • Sonar RTU Pond Herbicide
  • Sonar RTU Fluridone herbicide


Sonar RTU (Ready To Use) Aquatic Herbicide

Sonar RTU is a systemic aquatic herbicide formulated for long term control of aquatic weeds. Slow reaction time makes this pond treatment safe for fish. Sonar RTU is an ideal solution for homeowners looking to manage aquatic weeds in a pond with minimal flow. Sonar RTU requires no mixing. Simply shake the bottle and pour Sonar RTU into the water.

  • Controls most submerged weeds
  • Easy to use- no mixing or measuring
  • Whole pond treatment
  • One treatment can manage pond weeds for an entire season
  • Water can be used for swimming, fishing, & livestock immediately after application

Treats 5,445 square feet

What aquatic weeds are controlled by Sonar RTU?

Water Lily

Identify pond weeds and best chemical treatments here- Aquatic Weed Guide

Sonar RTU Label and Instructions

When is the best time to treat with Sonar RTU?

It is best to apply Sonar RTU early in the season when aquatic weeds begin growth.

Can I use Sonar RTU to spot treat weeds growing in my pond?

No, Sonar RTU is a whole pond treatment. This should be applied throughout the entire body of water.

How does Sonar work?

The active ingredient in Sonar is fluridone. After the Sonar is applied to the pond, it spreads throughout the whole water body. Sonar is absorbed through the plant shoots. Once absorbed into the plant, it stops the formation of carotene, which is needed to transmit energy absorbed from chlorophyll. In the absence of carotene, plants begin to turn white. Begin noticing results in 15-30 days. Complete management of weed species in 30-90 days.

Aquatic Weed Treatment Instructions:

Sonar RTU requires no mixing, and no spraying. Shake bottle of Sonar RTU and pour into one spot of the pond. It is not necessary for weeds to be sprayed directly with Sonar RTU. Pond should have very little flow through for at least 30 days so that the treatment is not diluted. 


Sonar RTU Dosage Rates
Treatment Area
5,446 sq ft         32 Ounces        
10,890 sq ft         64 Ounces        
43,560 sq ft         2 Gallons         

Active Ingredient: Fluridone 3.79%

 Sonar RTU Safety Data

 Cannot ship to: AK, CA, CT, D.C., HI, ME, NJ, NY, RI, VT, WA


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Pond Weed Control
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