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  • Kasco de icer pond dock marina

    Kasco De-Icer 2400 1/2 HP

    $940.00 - $2,643.00
    Kasco 2400D Series 1/2HP - Energy Efficient/Cost Effective #1 Deicer Brand in The World The Kasco 1/2HP De-icer generates an impressive 31 lbs of thrust per minute, solidifying its position as the most powerful 1/2HP deicer in the market. With over 50...
    $940.00 - $2,643.00
  • Kasco de icer pond dock

    Kasco Deicer 3400 3/4 Horsepower Dock De-icer

    $1,026.00 - $2,735.00
    Kasco 3400D Series 3/4HP - Best Selling Deicer Brand World Wide The Kacsco 3/4HP De-Icer, will help get your pond or lake winter ready, generating 37 lbs of thrust per minute this de-icer was designed to: Protect Your Waterfront Property from...
    $1,026.00 - $2,735.00
  • deicer in the snow

    Kasco De-Icer 4400 One Horsepower Dock Deicer

    $1,131.00 - $3,441.00
    Kasco 4400D Series 1HP - Energy Efficient #1 Selling Deicer Brand Designed to combat the harsh elements, the Kasco 4400D Series deicer employs a 1 horsepower motor, generating an unparalleled 42 lbs of thrust to: Prevent Ice Formation in Target...
    $1,131.00 - $3,441.00

Dock Deicers for Marinas & Lakes


See Kasco Marine Deicing in action below.


Why use a dock deicer?

A dock deicer is useful to keep boat docks ice free during cold winter months. Preventing ice damage saves marinas and boat owners from costly repairs.

Kasco deicers lead the industry in water thrust to keep large openings in the ice. Thrust generates water velocity which moves large volumes of warmer water quickl to the surface.

Dock deicers work by using a propeller to keep the water around the dock from freezing. The the propeller creates water movement, which helps to prevent ice from forming. The deicing motor forces warmer water to the surface where it eats the ice away. Water deicers prevent ice damage to docks and boats in winter by keeping the water around the dock free from ice.

Dock deicers save marinas and boat owners money and keep the area safe and easy to use in winter. Kasco deicers easily maintain large openings in the ice with their powerful thrust and circulation.

Why does Kasco sound familiar?

If the name Kasco Marine sounds familiar, it's probably because of the commercial deicer's role in the movie "Big Miracle". The lake deicer was used to help rescue three California gray whales trapped in the ice near Barrow, Alaska in 1988. The stranded whales were using one small remaining hole in the ice and open water was too far for them to reach.

As temperatures dropped below minus 13 degrees Fahrenheit, the situation became dire. The Kasco deicer was used to keep a series of breathing holes cut in the ice open during the brutally cold nights. Eventually the whales used the series of breathing holes and a channel opened by an icebreaker ship to safely reach open water.

Premium Pond Deicers

The design of dock deicers revolves around a propeller that continually churns the water surrounding the dock. By constantly creating water movement, the deicer effectively hinders ice formation. This constant movement stops ice from forming and breaks up any ice that is already there.

The deicing propeller pushes warm water up to melt the ice, creating a clear path without any ice. This process not only safeguards the docks themselves but also protects the boats moored nearby. The Kasco units are used as pond deicers, stock tank deicers, and boat deicers.

In addition to its practical benefits, a dock deicer also enhances the overall experience for marina visitors. Deicers provide openings in the ice for wildlife to use and allow transfer of gasses from under the ice.

What size dock de icer do I need?

When selecting an dock de-icer/ ice eater, it's important to consider the size of the area you want to keep ice-free. The size of the deicer you need will depend on factors such as the size of your dock, the water depth, and the severity of the winter weather in your area.

Dock deicers are available in 0.5-1 horsepower (HP). The higher the HP, the more powerful the de-icer and the larger area it can keep ice-free. As a general guideline, a 1/2 HP de-icer is suitable for small docks or areas up to 50 feet in length, while a 3/4 HP or 1 HP de-icer is recommended for larger docks or areas up to 100 feet or more.

It's also important to consider the water depth. If you have shallow water, a smaller deicer may be sufficient. However, if you have deeper water, you may need a more powerful deicer to effectively prevent ice buildup.

Additionally, you should take into account the severity of the winter weather in your area. If you experience harsh winters with heavy ice formation, you may need a more powerful ice eater to handle the ice buildup.

To determine the exact size of dock de-icer you need, it's best to consult the manufacturer's recommendations and consult professional who specializes in dock deicers like Natural Waterscapes. We can assess your specific needs and provide you with the most suitable size for your dock. Contact a dock deicer expert at

Advantages to leave dock in water over winter

A dock deicer removes the need to take out a dock over winter months. Leaving the dock in the water saves you from strenuos lifting, and hours spent removing the dock and reinstalling the next season. This also reduces the risk of damage that occurs to the dock when dragging it in and out of water. Besides the dock itself, shoreline damage from dragging dock parts is eliminated.

Winter fishing can occur right from the dock instead of walking out onto the ice and drilling holes if a dock de-icer is installed!