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KASCO Marine

Kasco Deicer 3400 3/4 Horsepower Dock De-icer

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  • Kasco de icer pond dock
  • Kasco 3/4 hp deicer with mooring lines and 120V plug in cord
  • Deicer Motor
  • protect your pond lake de icer
  • Deicers keep boats and docks safe from ice damage
  • Kasco Deicers are easy to install
  • Reliable deicing operation protects dock piers
  • Fast installation at dock


Kasco 3400D Series 3/4HP - Best Selling Deicer Brand World Wide

The Kacsco 3/4HP De-Icer, will help get your pond or lake winter ready, generating 37 lbs of thrust per minute this de-icer was designed to:

  • Protect Your Waterfront Property from Potential Ice Damage
  • Allow Open Areas for Essential Oxygen to Enter the Water
  • Support Aquatic Life 
  • Prevent Ice Jacking
  • Support Winter Waterfowl Activity

How does a dock deicer work?

When a deicer is activated it creates movement in the water, bringing the warmer water up to the surface. By keeping the water in motion, the deicer prevents the surface water from reaching freezing temperature, hindering the formation of ice. This opening helps protect your property in the water from damage caused by ice and potential ice jacking.

Are here other benefits to installing a deicer? 

Creating an open surface area in the ice allows essential oxygen to enter the water. This is particularly important for supporting aquatic life during winter when oxygen levels may otherwise become limited, the use of a deicer can help mitigate the risk of  a winter fish kill. 

What can I do to help waterfowl during winter?

In winter, waterfowl face heightened energy demands to maintain their internal body temperature. Due to snow and ice, they are faced with limited food sources, and during this time they tend to reduce activity to reserve energy, resulting in the gradual loss of body mass. During longer colder winters, this poses a risk as they will continuously lose body mass, and will be forced to migrate to find food or face starvation. Installing a deicer opens a surface area in your icy pond and creates a vital food source for waterfowl benefiting their overall health during the harsh winter months.


How to install a dock bubbler/deicer:

To effectively circulate warmer water from the bottom, the deicer unit must be installed a minimum of 4 to 6 feet below the water surface and at least 1 ft off the bottom. Kasco offers two basic instillation options, rope suspension, or dock mounting. Different de-icing objectives require different mounting approaches, you will need to decide which mounting option is best for you. Vertical instillation creates a circular shaped opening  and angled installation creates an oblong shaped opening at the surface of the ice. 

Deicer vertical and dock mount placement Table showing deicer area and temperature  

**Chart Disclaimer: Estimates are based on unobstructed water, size may vary greatly based on local conditions** 

Rope Suspension For Deicers

Attach to dock, piling, pier, boat or other water structure with the two 20 ft mooring lines that come standard with your deicer unit. Ropes should be placed at least 8 ft apart to avoid twisting, you can suspend vertically or at an angle based on your desired deicing objectives.

Kasco Deicer Vertical Rope Suspension


Optional Dock Mounts 

Universal Dock Mount Kit for Kasco Deicers

This mount kit option easily attaches to your dock, piling or pier. The simple swivel bracket allows for you to effortlessly rotate your unit to direct water flow. Designed with stainless steel components this mount offers more stability and features adjusted angle and depth options.

universal  dock mount for kasco deicer

Industrial Dock Mount Kit

All the best features of the universal mount kit except this mount is recommended for industrial applications. Key Differences from universal mount  are 1.5 inch pipe bracket and Industrial strut plate. 

Industrial Mount for Kasco deicer

**Pole Not Included/Stainless Steel or Galvanized Steel Pole Recommended for Dock Mount Kits**

Deicer Control Panel Options

The C-10 Thermostat Controller 

Offers a cost effective solution for regulating your Kasco deicer based on outside air temperature. Your Kasco deicer will activate when the temperature falls below your chosen setting, helping to cut down on the operational cost of your unit. Ideal in areas where temperatures fluctuate above and below freezing throughout the day.


Kasco C-10 Thermostat

C-20 Timer and Temperature Control

This control panel option has a thermostat control and a timer function, your Kasco deicer will only operate once the C-20 thermostat and timer have been activated based on your selected setting. Ideal for areas where winter temperatures are consistently well below freezing.

Kasco C-20 timer open

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Warranty Information

3Year Warranty
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