Pondzilla Pro Treatment Enhancer 1 Gallon

PondZilla Pro Catalyst Treatment 1 gallon

PondZilla Pro is an all-natural catalyst that enhances the breakdown of proteins and complex carbohydrates found in aquatic plants. Boosts algaecides so they can penetrate plant membranes. No one likes the floating dead algae in their pond after a treatment- this is your solution!

  • Speeds up the break down of algae after algaecide treatment
  • Increases algae response rate to algaecide treatment
  • Best results when mixed with algaecide during application
  • Natural treatment

Do you know what happens after spraying an algaecide on your algae?

Within 24-48 hours of a chelated copper or copper complex treatment, algae begins to die. As algae dies, it releases from the bottom of the pond and floats to the surface. It is often assumed at this point that the algae bloom has worsened. The algae remains floating for 7-10 days as it breaks down. It eventually loses buoyancy, sinks to the bottom and slowly turns to muck.

How can I speed up this algae cycle? 

By adding Pondzilla Pro to your Cutrine Plus or Algae Defense treatment, you will decrease the time it takes for algae to breakdown. Pondzilla Pro is a natural catalyst that improves the effectiveness of an algaecide treatment to even the toughest of algal blooms. Pondzilla Pro also enhances the effectiveness of beneficial bacteria treatments applied after algae dies to break up dead algae quickly.

What is Pondzilla Pro?

Pondzilla Pro is a biochemical catalyst. Do not confuse this with a surfactant. Pondzilla Pro should be used in conjunction with an algaecide and surfactant in a spray tank to kill algae more effectively. 

Pondzilla Pro Dosage Rates:

 Use 1-3 gallons per acre. 


Treatment instructions for Algae Control: 

To treat 2,000 square feet mix 32 oz Cutrine Plus, 32 oz Pondzilla Pro, 4 oz Surfactant, and 2 gal water. Mix in a tank or backpack sprayer. Spray algae directly. 

FOR BEST RESULTS treat early on a sunny day. Treat only half of the pond surface at a time, waiting 10 to 14 days before treating second half.


Algae Control Pack Mixture Rates

Treatment Area





2,000 square feet

32 oz

32 oz

4 oz

2 gal

4,000 square feet

64 oz

64 oz

8 oz

4 gal

8,000 square feet

1 gal

1 gal

16 oz

8 gal


When to use WinterGard with Pondzilla 

Use both products anytime water is below 60 degrees and there is an abundance of leaf build up. 

Safe to apply WinterGard and Pondzilla at the same time

Fall Pond Treatment Combo Instructions

  1. Toss recommended number of WinterGard Packets into pond
  2. Mix recommended volume of Pondzilla with water and spray in areas where leaves accumulate
  3. Repeat application every 2 weeks


WinterGard Treatment 

1/4 acre pond 2 packets
1/2 acre pond 4 packets
1 acre pond 8 packets
2 acre pond 16 packets


Pondzilla Treatment

Pond Size Pondzilla Water
1/4 acre pond 32 oz 2 gallons
1/2 acre pond 64 oz 4 gallons
1 acre pond 1 gallon 8 gallons
2 acre pond 2 gallons 16 gallons