Cattzilla Herbicide Enhancer 1 gallon

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Cattzilla Catalyst for Rapid Decay of Cattails

Cattzilla is designed for use with Shoreline Defense aquatic herbicide. It enhances the penetration and efficiency of the herbicide. Cattzilla most importantly speeds up the breakdown of dead stalks and shoots of cattails, bulrush, and similar weeds.

Cattzilla helps cattails fall within 1 to 2 weeks after application.

Must be used with Shoreline Defense or other glyphosate. 


Treatment Instructions: 

Mix 16 oz Cattzilla per 1 gallon of herbicide solution(herbicide & water) in tank sprayer. Spray only on foliage above the water surface. Completely wet foliage for best results.

After stalks have fallen and begin breaking down, Muck Remover can be applied to continue consuming organic debris.


No water use restrictions. Safe for fish.

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