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Harvester Aquatic Herbicide 1 gallon

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  • Harvester aquatic herbicide
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  • Harvester pond weed killer


Harvester Aquatic Herbicide - Pond Weed Killer

Harvester is a diquat aquatic herbicide designed to target both submerged and floating pond weeds. This is a broad spectrum contact herbicide that is designed for aquatic use. 

1 gallon treats 20,000 square feet

Active Ingredient: Diquat Dibromide 37.3%

Effected aquatic weeds include:

American Pondweed
Curly Leaf Pondweed
Frog's bit
Sago Pondweed
Water lettuce
Water hyacinth


Identify pond weeds and best chemical treatments here- Aquatic Weed Guide

When should I use Harvester Herbicide?

Treat with Harvester when weeds are actively growing. Treating actively growing submerged weeds allows the aquatic herbicide to be absorbed by the plant, where it travels to the root system, and kills the entire plant.

When is the best time to treat with diquat herbicide?

For best results, treat early on a sunny day. This allows for maximum absorption of herbicide into the pond weed.

Treatment instructions for Harvester:

Mix in a tank sprayer. Apply treatment directly to aquatic weed growth via sprayer. 3 gallon Sprayer sold here

Only treat one half of pond every 14 days. When treating for weeds in deeper water, place spray nozzle under water. Any pond weeds missed with first application should be retreated 2 weeks after the initial Harvester Application. Dense weed populations often require follow-up application.

Harvester Dosage Rates

Treatment Area     Harvester     AquatiStick*     Water
2,500 square feet     16 oz     4 oz     2 gallons
5,000 square feet     32 oz     8 oz     4 gallons
10,000 square feet     64 oz     16 oz     8 gallons
40,000 square feet     2 gallons     64 oz     32 gallons

*Proper Application Requires Mixing AquatiStick with Harvester. Mix 2oz of AquatiStick per gallon of treatment mixture (water & herbicide). AquatiStick is a surfactant, which makes the Harvester stick to the weeds.

** When treating for Duckweed & Watermeal Harvester should be combined with Cutrine Plus liquid algaecide for Best Results.

Mixture for Duckweed/Watermeal treatment-

2,500 sq ft: Mix 16 oz Harvester, 32 oz Cutrine Plus Liquid, 4 oz AquatiStick, 2 gal water 

Water restrictions: 3 days drinking, 1 day livestock/domestic animal consumption, 5 day irrigation

Can be used for fishing or swimming immediately after treatment 

State Restrictions:
Cannot be shipped to Alaska, California, Connecticut, Hawaii, New Jersey, New York, New Hampshire, Vermont, Puerto Rico

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