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The Best Pond Fountain Strategy

Types of Pond Fountains for Large Ponds & Lakes

Pond fountains are one of the easiest ways to add a water feature that improves the appearance and health of a pond. It’s not obvious, but most pond fountains are actually a floating pump and nozzle secured with mooring lines. Floating pond fountains have many advantages and add critical oxygen to the pond ecosystem as they spray water high into the air.

There are many sizes and spray pattern options. We work hard to provide only the best fountains from quality manufacturers to make the selection process stress-free. In addition to the many pond fountain spray patterns that are available, light kits illuminate flowing water after dark. Even more interesting are LED fountain lights that have color options and programable changing colors that bring a pond fountain to life in the evening.

Spray nozzles range from simple spraying trumpets and foaming columns to complex patterns with multiple streams of water. Most pond fountains include the ability to change the spray pattern with simple hand tools.  

Floating fountains are available in 120, 208, 240, and 480 Volts for the largest pumps. Natural Waterscapes is here to help you choose the best option for your water body. Selecting the right size for the pond or lake depends on the water body size, the location of the unit, and the location of the power supply. With our imaging technology, we can place the spray pattern (virtually) on your pond or lake so you can see before you buy.  

Fountain installation is easy for the 120 Volt models. Fountains include integrated control panels that automatically operated the fountain pump on a daily schedule. The timers included with each control panel allow the pump to be operated only when there is value to both save energy and extend the life of the system. Light sensors activate the fountain lights at dusk and turn them off at dawn.

Note that larger models may require an electrician to install a power supply at the shoreline. All units include water-tight electrical cabling with waterproof connectors.  

Fountains for Ponds up to 1 acre

Many of the fountain systems for ponds in this size range can be installed by DIY pond owners. The electric cables connect to the water pump and lights with a simple waterproof connection.

The fountain float can be tethered to the shoreline using stainless steel cables or nylon rope. In some cases, it may be easier to anchor the fountain using a weight dropped on the pond bottom. Most pumps for fountains on 1 acre or smaller ponds use a 120-volt power supply.

Larger Pond and Lake Fountains

This is where the really big fountain pumps come out to play! We've all seen the towering columns of spraying water cascading back to the lake's surface. The large pond fountains are high-powered tossing tens of thousands of gallons of water skyward in beautiful streams.

The largest fountains are heavyweights that need special carts just to launch the fountain. Custom, heavy-duty electric cables are built for each installation. Professional electrical installation should be used that use 240 volts, 208 volt three-phase power, or even 480 volts for some of the largest.!

How do floating fountains work?

A pond fountain is typically built with just a few basic components. In its simplest form, it is a submersible pump mounted in a float with a nozzle attached to control the spray pattern.

The control panel, located onshore, supplies electricity to the fountain pump and lights. The pump operation time is controlled by either a mechanical or electronic timer that can be set to run the fountain during different periods of the day. Fountain lights are usually controlled by a photocell. Many pond owners choose to set the timer so that the fountain turns off late at night or when no one is home to extend the fountain's life and save electricity.

Waterproof cables with special, water-tight connections carry power to the water fountain pump. The pump is mounted in the center of the float. Some pumps are bolted directly to the float while others use a simple twist-lock mechanism to hold the pump in place.

Depending on the model the pump is either mounted vertically or horizontally. Horizontal pumps are used for shallow ponds and for very large pumps.

Fountain floats are most often hollow plastic floats filled with air. Some floats are filled with foam to be sure that the fountain will stay afloat even if the plastic is damaged. The size of the float is proportional to the pump size and weight. Floats are designed to keep the spray nozzle close to the pond surface and hold the fountain steady as it runs.

It is important to tether at least two points on the fountain float to prevent the float from rotating every time the pump starts or stops. If the floating fountain isn't tethered correctly it will twist the electrical cable and damage the connections.

Adding lights is straightforward and creates a beautiful nighttime water feature. Waterproof LED lights are designed to be mounted directly to holes or brackets on the float. The underwater LED lights can be purchased in either white or multicolor versions. The color-changing LED lights often come preprogrammed with light shows that add motion and beauty to the pond fountain spray.

Spray patterns have many options and can be changed on most fountain models. Inexpensive fountains may only have a standard trumpet nozzle so be aware of options when choosing. As the fountains get larger, the spray nozzle options increase and get more complex. It's always a good idea to watch a video of the pond fountain and spray pattern you are considering before making a purchase.

For shallow ponds (less than 6 feet deep), a floating fountain may provide enough oxygen to eliminate the need for a pond aerator. In deeper water, a bottom aeration system will do a better job of aerating the pond.

Choosing the right water fountain

It can be confusing to choose the right fountain when there are so many options. Natural Waterscapes is here to help with the process. Our friendly pond and lake experts will answer your questions to help you select the perfect fountain and options for your situation. We can even superimpose multiple fountains and nozzle patterns on a photo of your pond and lake so you can see it before you buy! Our support is only just beginning when you buy your fountain. The fountain experts are available to support your installation and provide additional pond management advice.

Pond Fountain Display Styles

Floating pond fountains improve water quality and aesthetics

Are you looking for a way to improve the water quality and aesthetics of your pond or lake? If so, you may want to consider installing a floating pond fountain.

Essential Steps for Pond Fountain Installation

1. Work with an electrician to ensure that appropriate electrical service is installed adjacent to the pond.

2. Select the fountain location within the pond.

3. Unbox the control panel and mount it next to the electrical supply

4. Unbox the float and set it aside

5. Unbox the pump motor and install it in the float either using the supplied bolts or twist-lock function depending on the model.

6. Install the nozzle on the pump outlet.

7. Attach the anchoring tethers to the float and measure to the anchor points on the pond shore. Adjust the tether length as necessary.

8. If an underwater light kit was purchased, mount the lights to the float where indicated and adjust the angle to cover the spray pattern.

9. Unbox and carefully uncoil the underwater electrical cable(s) to prevent tangles.

10. Connect the twist-lock electrical connections to the fountain pump and lights. (Note for most fountains the lighting cable will be a lighter-duty cable than the pump cable)

11. Place the fountain assembly in deep enough water so that it floats.

12. Using the tethers (or a small boat in larger ponds) position the fountain and secure it to the shoreline anchors.

13. Connect the twist-lock power cable connectors to the control box, energize the control panel, and test the operation.

14. Following local electrical codes secure the power cables underground to the pond edge.  

Floating pond fountains help to aerate the water and can be used to introduce oxygen-rich water into the ecosystem. This can lead to healthier plants and fish, as well as improved water clarity. In addition, floating pond fountains add visual interest and beauty to your body of water.

Floating pond fountains are a great way to improve the quality of your pond water. More flow and better dissolved oxygen spur biological activity including beneficial pond bacteria, that act to clean pond water and improve ecosystem conditions.

Floating pond fountains are an easy way to upgrade your pond ecosystem. Not only do they provide oxygen to the water, which is beneficial for the local fish population, but the fountains improve circulation and create a pleasant flow of moving water in your pond. If you have a pond and want to take its aesthetics and health of it to the next level, choosing to install a fountain is an excellent decision with guaranteed results.

Moving water helps pond water to exchange harmful gasses and prevent stagnation.

Floating pond fountains not only add visual appeal to ponds and other water bodies, they also serve a practical purpose. Floating pond fountains prevent stagnation of pond water which can lead to algae blooms and an unhealthy environment for aquatic plants and wildlife. This means that using floating fountains in your pond can improve its health overall and create an inviting ecosystem for aquatic life.

Pond fountains also add a decorative element to your pond, and can be used to create a focal point or centerpiece in your landscape design.

Pond fountains add visual interest to any pond or water feature, providing an attractive focal point for your landscape design. Not only are these types of fountains easy to install and use, but many also come with lighted features that create beautiful visual effects as the fountain cycles through different color lighting effects. Adding sound to your pond, with the sound of cascading water creates soothing white noise and masks environmental sounds. For those looking for even more color in their visual display, there are lighted fountains that offer multiple colored LED lights that cycle between various hues and sequences. Whatever you're looking for in a visual centerpiece, pond fountains have plenty to offer.

When choosing a floating pond fountain, be sure to consider the size of your pond and the flow rate of the fountain pump.

When selecting a floating pond fountain, it's important to keep the size of your pond and the horsepower of the fountain pump in mind. Different horsepower pumps produce different flow rates, which you'll want to determine before settling on a fountain since depending on the horsepower, you'll get different heights and spray patterns from each fountain. Each fountain model includes a chart illustrating the height and width of the spray pattern for every pump horsepower rating. Choosing one that fits the size of your pond can help ensure a stunning visual effect for years to come!

Also, keep in mind that some pond fountains come with lights that can create a stunning nighttime display in your backyard oasis.

Pond fountains can truly enhance the look of your backyard oasis. Installing a color-changing and remote-controlled floating pond fountain with white light provides an attractive and bright display at night. The color-changing light feature allows you to transform the look of your backyard from dull to dazzling. Place one or multiple fountains in your pond for a stunning evening presentation that is sure to mesmerize you and your guests!

A pond fountain is a great way to improve the water quality in your pond and add a decorative element to your landscaping. When choosing a floating pond fountain, be sure to consider the size of your pond and the flow rate of the fountain pump.

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