WinterGard Cold Water Bacteria 10 lb

WinterGard Winter Benificial Bacteria for Ponds

Safeguard pond health when water temperatures between 38 and 60 degrees F.  

  • Protects pond against winter water quality issues
  • Powerful Spring, Fall, & Winter pond cleaner
  • Safe for fish, wildlife, and pets
  • Ideal jumpstart to balance pond water in early Spring
  • Easy to apply! Just toss water soluble packets into the pond and watch the water quality improve

WinterGard is a blend of cold water bacteria strains for treating large ponds. Treat with WinterGard while leaves and dying vegetation accumulate in fall and winter months. Leaves and dead vegetation turn to muck which creates a number of water quality issues. WinterGard protects your pond from winter water issues that arise from increasing nutrient levels.

This pond treatment is ideal for ponds as temperatures drop in Fall and in early Spring as temperatures slowly rise. The blend of winter bacteria and enzymes produce optimal results during cooler months.

10 lb pail treats 0.25 acre pond for 5 months. Includes 20 water soluble packets that weigh 0.5 lbs each

WinterGard Cold Water Bacteria for Ponds

WinterGard Treatment Instructions:

Water soluble packets dissolve quickly in water. Simply toss packets into pond every 2 weeks.

Apply 2 packets per 1/4 acre. Apply 8 packets per 1 acre pond. Pond treatment safe for fish, wildlife, and recreational use immediately after application.

What is WinterGard?

Special blend of cold water bacteria, enzymes, and stimulants in water soluble packets

WinterGard Bacteria Pond Treatment

What makes this treatment different?

This formula hits peak performance when water temperature drops in fall and winter. 

What does WinterGard do?

It protects the pond and fish from winter water quality issues like rising nutrients and accumulating waste which trigger algae blooms, reduce clarity, decrease oxygen levels.


Boost results by combining WinterGard with Pondzilla Pro. While WinterGard is reducing nutrients and organics, Pondzilla accelerates the breakdown time of new leaves falling into the pond. Over time leaves break down into muck which is consumed by bacteria like WinterGard. Adding Pondzilla to your fall treatment schedule reduces the time it takes for leaves to turn to muck and then be consumed by pond bacteria.