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ClearCast Aquatic Herbicide 32 oz

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  • Clearcast glyphosate alternative
  • Clearcast aquatic herbicide best cattail control
  • Clearcast imazamox
  • Clearcast with MSO improves herbicide effectiveness
  • Pond weed identification Clearcast controls most emergent and shoreline weeds


Clearcast Herbicide for Cattail Control

Clearcast aquatic herbicide is the perfect remedy for overgrown shoreline weeds and emergent aquatic weeds disrupting the ecosystem of a pond.

  • Cattails do not re-grow
  • Use any time of year
  • Can be used on floating or emergent weeds
  • Non-toxic to fish, birds, algae, and other aquatic invertebrates

 GLYPHOSATE ALTERNATIVE- Safer alternative option for Cattplex and other glyphosate based aquatic herbicides

Treats up to 43,560 square feet 

Weeds that can be treated with Clearcast include, but are not limited to

Why do I need to get rid of Cattails?

Cattails and other shoreline weeds are beneficial to the ecosystem of a pond, but they can spread rapidly. Due to their rapid growth, these weeds can easily overtake the shoreline of ponds or lakes. This causes a major issue for recreational bodies of water. It limits shoreline access and makes fishing, swimming, and boating more difficult.

Cattails control can be practiced in control areas such as near docks and access areas.

Why should I use Clearcast?

This aquatic herbicide is perfect for controlling emergent and submersed weeds. It kills weeds to their roots, so cattails will not grow back when treated with Clearcast. It stops the growth of aquatic weeds in as fast as 24 hours and breaks them down entirely.

Chemicals found in this herbicide are only found in plants so they will not harm any animals or fish.

When is the best time to use Clearcast?

Clearcast can be used at any time of year when weeds are actively growing.

Aquatic Weed Treatment Instructions

Cattail Control: Mix 2.5 oz of Clearcast, and 1 oz of MSO Surfactant with one gallon of water then spray directly on desired areas of emergent or shoreline weeds.

Mixture rates vary based on weed species. See full label for more dosage rates. 

Enhance results of ClearCast by mixing with Cattzilla. This mixture increases effectiveness of herbicide and accelerates the breakdown of cattail stalks.  

Active ingredient: Imazamox 12.1%

Imazamox is a systemic herbicide that kills aquatic weeds to their roots. This treatment is fish friendly.

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