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Clean Pond Maintenance Kit 1/4 acre

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Clean Pond Maintenance Pack 1/4 acre pond

5 month supply for 1/4 acre pond

The Clean Pond Maintenance Pack provides you with natural treatments to give you a healthier, and cleaner pond. Pond issues like murky water from suspended organics, smelly water, pond muck, and algae growth can all be managed with the right combination of treatments. Many pond issues revolve around excess nutrients. These nutrients come from stream/spring inputs, fish waste, waterfowl, dead and decaying vegetation, agricultural run off, etc. Breaking down these nutrients and waste are vital to maintaining a clean pond.  

Maintenance Pack 1/4 acre 5 month supply-

  • Muck Remover 10 lb (20 scoops)
  • Pond Cleanse 10 lb (20 packets)
  • Phosphate Eliminator 10 lbs 
  • Pond Dye 6 Water Soluble Packets(choice of Vivid Blue, Midnight Blue, or Reflective Black)
  • Product Instructions

Optional Add On- Cutrine Liquid Algaecide or Cutrine Granular Algaecide for managing existing algae blooms

 No shipping restrictions to CA, CT, IA, ME, MT, NE, NH, NY, VT, WA when ordering without Cutrine Plus. 

1/2 acre Clean Pond Kits are also available

What do these treatments do for my pond?

Muck Remover is natural bacteria in pellet form designed to consume bottom muck. This is a natural, safe way to remove muck from the pond. Lowering muck levels is one step towards proactive pond management. Mechanical muck removal is costly, treating with Muck Remover pellets are a less expensive alternative. Safe for all fish and aquatic life. 

Pond Cleanse is natural bacteria in water soluble packets that break down suspended organic debris that cloud water. Pond Cleanse also breaks down unwanted nutrients in pond water. You can't SEE these nutrients. Nutrients come from fish, fish food, fertilizer, dead vegetation, and even ground water. Besides triggering algae blooms, these nutrients can be harmful to fish. Pond Cleanse helps to manage these nutrients. Safe for all fish and aquatic life. 

Phosphate Eliminator is an all fish safe additive to lower phosphate levels in water, an algae causing nutrient. Phosphate Eliminator also acts as a pH buffer to maintain safe pH levels within the pond.

Pond Dye is used color pond water to prevent sunlight from reaching the bottom.  Pond dye helps to limit aquatic weed and algae growth. Safe for all fish and aquatic life. 

Using natural treatments in combination with bottom aeration improves effectiveness. Beneficial bacteria treatments thrive on highly oxygenated water.  

Pond Treatment instructions:

Pond Dye Packet- 1 packet treats up to 1/3 acre, 6 feet deep. Increase dosage for deeper water. Simply toss pond dye water soluble packets out into pond.  Dye will distribute through the pond within 24 hours. Repeat application monthly for best results. Does not have a water temperature restriction.

Muck Remover Pellets- Apply 2 scoops per 1/4 acre. Simply broadcast Muck Remover pellets throughout the pond. Repeat application every two weeks for best results. Effective in water to 38 degrees.

Pond Cleanse Packets- Apply 2 packets per 1/4 acre. Simply toss Pond Cleanse water soluble packets out into the pond. Repeat application every two weeks for best results. Effective in water to 38 degrees. 

Phosphate Eliminator- 4 scoops per 1/4 acre every 2 weeks for best results. Mix scoops in 2-3 gallons of water to dissolve. Pour mixture along shoreline. Phosphate Eliminator does not have a water temperature restriction.

If chemical treatments are needed, treat 72 hours prior to natural treatments (Muck Remover, Pond Cleanse, Phosphate Eliminator, Pond Dye). 

Cutrine Liquid- Use as needed. Dosage based on treatment area. Only spray in areas where algae is growing. Mix 1 quart Cutrine Liquid with 2 gallons of water in tank sprayer for 2,200 square feet. Spray algae directly. Treat early on a sunny day. Notice results in 48 hours. Do not use in ponds with Koi, Goldfish, Trout unless carbonate hardness is above 50 ppm. 

Cutrine Granular- Use as needed. Dosage based on treatment area. Apply granular treatment over algae infested areas. Apply 1.5 lbs per 1,000 square feet. Apply early on a sunny day. Manages algae for up to 5 weeks. Do not use in ponds with Koi, Goldfish, Trout unless carbonate hardness is above 50 ppm.



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