Phosphate Eliminator 20 lbs

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  • Phosphate Eliminator 20 lbs
  • Bacteria Booster powder


Phosphate Eliminator 20 lb (40 scoops)

  • Removes phosphate from pond water 
  • Helps to buffer pH
  • Contains 70 trace minerals to promote fish health
  • Safe for all aquatic & domestic life

Phosphate Eliminator removes phosphate from pond water without any risk of harm to your fish. Phosphate Eliminator buffers pH so that there is no fluctuation in pH when phosphate is reduced. 

What is phosphate?

Phosphate is a nutrient found in pond water.

Where does phosphate come from?

Phosphate is introduced to pond water through a number of sources including fertilizers, animal waste, sewage, organic waste within the pond. 

How does phosphate impact my pond? 

Phosphate is a nutrient that feeds algae growth. Phosphate can also cloud water.


Phosphate Eliminator Application:

2 scoops per 1/4 acre every 2 weeks. 

Mix scoops in 2-3 gallons of water to dissolve. Pour mixture along shoreline. Phosphate Eliminator does not have a water temperature restriction.

Phosphate Eliminator Treatment 
Pond Size  Scoops Used* (every 2 weeks)
1/4 acre 2
1/2 acre 4
3/4 acre 6
1 acre 8
Dosage can be doubled for initial treatment
*8 oz scoop included in pail
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