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Pond Cleanse Bacteria Packets 10 lb

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  • Pond Cleanse Bacteria Packets 10 lb
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Pond Cleanse™ Beneficial Bacteria Packets 10 lb- 20 packets

  • Clears murky water caused by suspended organics and high nutrients
  • Lowers ammonia, nitrite, nitrate and phosphate
  • Destroys pond water odors
  • Easy to use water soluble packets
  • Safe for all aquatic & domestic life

10 lbs treats 2.5 acres once or 1/4 acre for 5 months

Pond Cleanse is all natural beneficial bacteria packets for cleaning pond water. Murky water is commonly caused by suspended organic debris and algae-causing nutrients from fish waste, runoff from farm fields and debris from surrounding trees. This strain of beneficial bacteria breaks down excess nutrients in water. Our formula also contains barley straw and cool water bacteria to allow treatments to be effective in water as low as 38°F.

Natural Waterscapes' Pond Cleanse beneficial bacteria consists of a variety of strains of beneficial bacteria that are precisely calibrated to return maximum results when applied in the pond and lake ecosystem.  The strains of beneficial bacteria water-soluble packet make application easy. Nitrogen is processed and released to the atmosphere as nitrifying bacteria digest nutrients and organic waste within the water column and to some degree in the pond bottom. 

Pond cleanse is particularly well suited for Tilapia farming, bass ponds, trout ponds, and catfish raising ponds where ammonia can be a threat to fish health.  Applying Pond Cleanse in any aquaculture system will help to cycle nitrogen more quickly through the system and improve fish health.

Learn more about What Causes Cloudy Pond Water 

If clarity is not a concern in my pond, why should I use Pond Cleanse?

Pond Cleanse is meant for more than just water clarity. It actually has a FAR GREATER JOB. Pond Cleanse breaks down unwanted nutrients in pond water. You can't SEE these nutrients. Nutrients come from fish, fish food, fertilizer, dead vegetation, and even ground water. Besides triggering algae blooms, these nutrients can be harmful to fish. Pond Cleanse helps to manage these nutrients.

Pond Cleanse Application:

Treat every 2 weeks when water temperature is above 38°F. Toss in 2 packets per 1/4 acre. Packets will quickly dissolve in water. Do not use on same day as chemical treatment. Chemical treatments kill beneficial bacteria.

Pond Cleanse Treatment 

1/4 acre pond 2 packets
1/2 acre pond 4 packets
3/4 acre pond 6 packets
1 acre pond 8 packets
2 acre pond 16 packets
*Dosage can be doubled for initial treatment


How does Pond Cleanse work?

Pond Cleanse water soluble packets contain literally millions of bacteria.  As soon as the bacteria are released into the pond water column, they begin to consume nutrients.  As the Pond Cleanse bacteria gorge on nutrients, they multiply very quickly and spread throughout the pond.  The bacteria require two essential items to flourish, nutrients and oxygen.  The bacteria population grows quickly until either nutrients or oxygen limit their population.  If provided oxygen through a properly-sized aeration system, the Pond Cleanse bacteria will consume the available nutrients from the pond until their population begins to starve due to lack of nutrients.  The effect for the pond is improved water clarity, reduced algae growth, and exceptional water quality throughout the pond.

Once the nitrifying bacteria have consumed the available nutrients, they will turn on each other as a food source causing the bacteria numbers in the pond to plummet rapidly to near zero.  That is the reason that regular dosing with Pond Cleanse yields the best results.  As the bacteria population is replenished, they are able to consume additional nutrients that have accumulated in the pond.  


Does Pond Cleanse kill algae in my pond?

Pond Cleanse breaks down nutrients that triggers algae blooms. Breaking down these nutrients starves the algae of a necessary food source. Over time Pond Cleanse helps to limit/reduce the number of algae blooms in the pond. Because Pond Cleanse is a natural treatment, algae bloom reduction does take time. For immediate results consider Cutrine Granular.

What is the best time of year to treat with Pond Cleanse?

Pond Cleanse is a blend of cold water and warm water bacterias. It is ideal to treat every 2 weeks while water temperature is above 38 degrees.

How do I know if my pond contains bad nutrients?

The best way to tell if you have elevated levels of nutrients is to have your water tested. Natural Waterscapes offers a water testing service that provides you with your water quality results, as well as a full report to understand these findings.

Why does Pond Cleanse work better in a well aerated pond?

Pond Cleanse is comprised of aerobic bacteria, aka oxygen loving bacteria. When water is properly aerated the bacterias perform at their greatest potential. Aeration also provides greater circulation, so the Pond Cleanse can distribute throughout the entire pond. 

What is in Pond Cleanse?

Pond Cleanse is a blend of beneficial bacteria, enzymes, and barley. Our bacteria contains 5 billion colony forming units per gram. 

Can Pond Cleanse be used at the same time as Muck Remover?

Yes! We recommend using both products at the same time every two weeks. Pond Cleanse is most effective at cleaning the pond water, whereas the Muck Remover targets the bottom muck most effectively.



Beneficial bacteria treatments to improve pond water quality conditions

If you are a pond owner, you may be wondering how to improve the water quality in your pond. One way to do this is by using beneficial bacteria. Beneficial bacteria help to break down organic matter and convert it into nutrients that can be used by plants. They also help to keep the pond clean by consuming algae and other pollutants. The benefits of using aerobic beneficial bacteria for pond water quality include improved water clarity, reduced odors, and increased oxygen levels. If you are interested in using beneficial bacteria to improve your pond water quality, read on for more information.

What are beneficial bacteria and how do they work in a pond to improve water quality conditions

The best beneficial bacteria and enzymes help to improve water quality in ponds by breaking down nutrients that form from decomposition and digesting organic materials like algae that can reduce water clarity. The nutrients, nitrogen and phosphorous, released from the bacteria's digestion of organic matter provide food for aquatic plants, to keep the environment balanced and healthy. The nutrients are also broken down further into forms more readily used by plants, which helps them to take up nutrients from the water faster. Overall, beneficial bacteria play an important role in maintaining optimal water quality conditions in ponds by decreasing nutrients and organic matter which could otherwise lead to poor water conditions.

The benefits of aerobic beneficial bacteria for pond water quality

Aerobic beneficial bacteria play a critical role in the overall water quality of a pond by contributing to nitrogen cycling processes and removing excess nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorus. Without this helpful bacteria, nitrogen levels can become dangerously high, leading to decreased levels of oxygen in the water, which can lead to algal blooms and destruction of fish habitats. Utilizing aerobic beneficial bacteria helps reduce nitrogen concentrations in ponds, thus preventing the risk of dangerous water conditions. In addition, these bacteria consume substances like nitrogen and phosphorus that are toxic to aquatic life. Beneficial aerobic bacteria are a natural way to improve the overall environmental health of a pond while promoting clear and balanced waters.

How to use beneficial bacteria treatments to improve pond water quality conditions

Using beneficial bacteria treatments is an easy and effective way to improve water quality conditions in your pond. These water soluble packets, when applied regularly, help to reduce ammonia levels, lower nitrate levels, and keep water clear. Beneficial bacteria naturally occur in water systems and help create a healthy balance between the water and other organisms. When released into water, they consume organics like fish wastes or decaying vegetation, which reduces sludge buildup and water clarity issues. With regular treatment of the beneficial bacteria solutions, you can ensure your pond is kept clean and clear while keeping the water's ecosystem healthy and balanced.

Tips for maintaining healthy levels of beneficial bacteria in your pond

To ensure healthy levels of beneficial bacteria in a pond, routine treatments should be administered on a regular basis. Beneficial bacteria packets can be added to the pond directly and will help reduce nutrients that promote algae blooms. Ammonia, the harmful form of Nitrogen for fish, is cycled more quickly in a balanced pond ecosystem with healthy bacteria populations. The best bacteria for ponds contain multiple strains or variants of bacteria that target different phases of nutrient decomposition.

Beneficial bacteria are a key part of maintaining healthy pond water conditions. They work to break down organic matter and improve water quality. Aerobic beneficial bacteria are especially effective in improving pond water quality by reducing ammonia levels and promoting clear water. Beneficial bacteria treatments can be used to maintain healthy levels of beneficial bacteria in your pond. Be sure to follow the application instructions carefully and let us know if you have any questions. We can help you measure your pond to determine the correct application rate for your needs.

What our Customers Say: Pond Cleanse BacteriaReviews

Since using muck remover and pond cleanse our pond environment has improved. The smell is no longer overwhelming, the water is clear and wildlife appear to be more active.

-Sharon L.

Pond cleanse works great!

We've had a lot of problems with our community pond until I purchased the Pond Cleanse and Muck Remover. The pond is much clearer and the algae is almost non-existent. - David 


I have 2 ponds that are frequented by herons, frogs, Black Bellied Whistling ducks, my OWN ducks, as well as various varieties of fish. I want to make sure they are safe and not harmed by the application of products that are used to remove fish waste ammonia. This product also helps to remove nutrients that fosters algae growth. -Lynn L.
Works as described!
Works very well in combination with Muck Remover. I started using both earlier this year with excellent results. Proper aeration is a must. - Rob K.
Top Quality!
Fantastic products. World class service. It’s been three years since I started getting Pond Cleanse and Muck Remover from you. I look forward to my annual call to place my order for the delight of your friendly, reliable, super fast service. You all are GREAT on every front! - Ricki C.
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