Pond Water Testing Service

Natural Waterscapes Pond Water Testing Service

Natural Waterscapes’ pond water testing service is a way for you to gain useful knowledge about your pond, so you can execute better management options. We ship you the sampling supplies; you take water from the pond and return the samples for analysis.

Testing kit includes:

1- Insulated Box for shipment
1- Ice Pack
1- Sampling Bottles
1- Sealed Bag For Aquatic Weed Sample
1- Prepaid Return Shipment Label
1- Pair of Gloves

We will perform laboratory water testing for the following water quality parameters:


Upon completion of testing your water samples, you receive a detailed report of our findings including a summary of your water quality parameters, an explanation of how each of those parameters affects your pond, and a listing of management options for eradicating the pond issues.

Any weed samples sent will also be identified and included in the summary report.