Reflective Black Pond Dye Packets- 80 water soluble packets

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Reflective Black

Reflective Black Pond Dye Water Soluble Packets - 80 count

Easy Application with Black Dye Packets! 

  • Shades & protects pond from UV sunlight
  • Limits new algae & weed growth in your pond
  • Safe for all aquatic & domestic life

80 packets treats 26 acres, up to 6’ deep 

Reflective Black Dye creates a dark, mirrored reflection of surroundings on pond water. Black dye is a favorite for ponds surrounded by trees and also golf course ponds.


Why should I use black pond dye?

Pond Dye limits sunlight penetration to the bottom of the pond where weeds and algae grow. Pond Dye is the least expensive management option for pond owners. Combining Pond Dye, with Muck Remover, Pond Cleanse, Phosphate Eliminator, and Bottom Aeration provides a natural and proactive approach to pond management. This approach targets the root cause of many pond problems. 


When should I use pond dye?

Pond Dye should be applied all months of the year when the pond is not frozen. Why? Algae has no temperature restrictions. Even if the water temperature is 40 degrees, it is still possible for algae to grow. For southern states that have no freeze over period, treat all year long. For northern ponds, begin dye treatments as soon as ice begins to melt, and continue applying until the pond freezes again.

How to apply pond dye packets:

Simply toss pond dye packets out into pond.  Dye will distribute through the pond within 24 hours. 

Pond Dye Packet Dosage Rate:

3 packets treats 1 acre, 6 feet deep. Increase dosage for deeper water. Repeat application monthly for best results. For ponds with heavy flow or during periods of heavy rain, treatment frequency may need to be increased.

Why Black Water Dye?

Black water dye provides a very natural looking, reflective surface.  When used in ponds near trees, mountains, and other natural features it naturally mirrors the surroundings adding to the beauty of the pond or lake.