Muck Remover Pellets 25 lb
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Muck Digesters

Muck Remover™ Beneficial Bacteria Pellets 25 lbs

  • Beneficial Bacteria Pellets
  • Digests bottom muck from your pond
  • Treat ponds with water down to 38 degrees
  • Safe for fish, wildlife & humans

25 lbs treats up to 6.25 acres or 1 acre for 3 months 

Muck Removal Application: 

Simply broadcast Muck Remover pellets throughout the pond. Apply 2 scoops* per 1/4 acre every 2 weeks for best results. For older ponds, dosage can be doubled.  

Muck Remover Treatment 

1/4 acre pond 2 scoops
1/2 acre pond 4 scoops
3/4 acre pond 6 scoops
1 acre pond 8 scoops
2 acre pond 16 scoops
Dosage can be doubled for initial treatment
*8 oz scoop included in pail


How does it work to remove muck?

The strains of natural bacteria and enzymes in Muck Remover are selected specifically for their need to digest organic muck to survive.  These bacteria aggressively digest fish waste, dead vegetation, leaves, and other decaying organic matter.  As the pelletized bacteria dissolve the biological activity on the pond or lake bottom is increased dramatically.  As the muck is digested, the potential for hydrogen sulfide (the source of the rotten egg smell) and other harmful gasses to accumulate in the pond are reduced.  After long-term treatment, the pond or lake bottom muck is gradually converted to a fine grained, more compact soil.  Muck Remover can digest up to 6" of organic muck per treatment season when applied bi-weekly.     

What is muck?

Muck is the accumulation of broken down vegetation, fish waste, and other organic matter. Muck contains high levels of nutrients. These nutrients feed weeds and algae. Muck also releases gases into the pond. Years of muck accumulation can eventually fill in a pond.

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Why should I treat with Muck Remover?

Muck Remover is designed to consume bottom muck. This is a natural, safe way to remove muck from the pond. Lowering muck levels is one step towards proactive pond management. Mechanical muck removal is costly, treating with Muck Remover pellets are a less expensive alternative. 

Can these pellets be used in a lake around the dock?

One of the most frequent uses of the Muck Remover is to digest muck near docks on lakes. The product is in pellet form so it can be applied directly to the treatment areas. 

Is Muck Remover safe for ponds where kids and dogs swim?

Muck Remover is safe for fish, and animals. This is a natural beneficial bacteria and has no water use restrictions. 

Will Muck Remover work in a pond without aeration?

Yes, Muck Remover will still work in a pond without aeration. We recommend treating in a well aerated pond because Muck Remover is comprised of oxygen loving bacterias. In an oxygen rich environment, the Muck Remover will yield better results.

Where does the muck go? 

Nutrients from the organic muck are released as gas, leaving a soil-like byproduct behind.

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Can Muck Remover or Pond Cleanse cause an algae bloom?

No. These treatments do not contain nutrients. These are bacteria and enzymes designed to bind/break down nutrient in water. 

What is the shelf life of Muck Remover?

5 years

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