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Texas Hunter Fish Feeder 175 lb with solar charger

  • Texas Hunter fish feeder
  • Texas Hunter fish feeder pattern
  • Texas Hunter fish feeder on dock
  • Easy to use lid fish feeder
  • Texas Hunter timed fish feeder
  • Timer for fish feeder
  • Fish food shooting out of fish feeder
  • Fish feeder on lake shoreline
  • Fish feeder on lake shoreline


Texas Hunter Fish Feeder – programmable directional feeder for pond fish

Grow trophy fish in your pond with a Texas Hunter Fish Feeder! Whether your home or not, your fish will be fed! Program up to 9 feedings per day. Adjust output based on the number and size of fish.

Key Features

  • Customizable timed feedings on a digital timer
  • Solar Charger extends life of battery
  • Latching lid to keep food fresh and animals out
  • Powder coated finish to prevent rusting
  • Projects food out 25’x45’ using the air blower system
  • Adjustable Legs for mounting to uneven ground along shorelines

What this Feeder Includes:

  • 175 lb capacity Fish Feeder
  • Digital Timer
  • 12 Volt Battery
  • Solar Charger
  • Bolts included for mounting legs to shore

Why install an automated fish feeder?

Food shortages in ponds resulting from lacking a complete food chain impact both the growth of adult pond fish, and the repopulation of feeder fish. Supplemental feeding re-establishes the food chain and encourages faster growth rates.

How does the Texas Hunter Fish Feeder work?

Unlatch the top lid and fill with your favorite game fish food. Hopper can hold up to 100 lb of feed at one time. The funnel shaped interior gravity feeds the centrifugal air blower at timed intervals. The powerful blower distributes the fish food out into the water in a 25’x45’ pattern.

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Additional Information

Automatic Feeder
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