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Texas Angler Spawning Colonies - 6 Pack

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  • Fish Spawning Discs
  • Texas Angler Spawning Colonies - 6 Pack


Texas Hunter Spawning Colonies - 6 Pack

  • Increases feeder and sport fish production
  • Eco-friendly materials
  • Ideal spawning habitat
  • Escape habitat for feeder fish

Spawning areas are prefect for both predator and prey. Predators use these areas to lay their eggs, and prey use this area for coverage. Each dish creates 918 square inches of spawning habitat. The large surface area makes a perfect environment for bass spawning, as well as spawning of other game fish.

Package Includes:

  • 6 Spawning Colonies

 What you will need: Three bags of small gravel

Benefits of Artificial Habitat 

Artificial fish habitat is a great way to improve fishing in ponds and lakes. Ideally, 20 to 30% of a pond or lake should be covered with habitat. A combination of natural and artificial habitat is best for the ecosystem of ponds and lakes.

Habitat provides shade, hiding, surface area for laying eggs, and spaces for both feeder, and game fish to enjoy. Habitats, like these spawning colonies, create sanctuaries for game fish.

Why use artificial spawning habitat instead of real habitat?

Artificial spawning areas required much less maintenance than natural spawning areas do. Installing artificial spawning plates is a one time event that requires no regular maintenance. Rather than consistently having to clear of bottom areas of the pond for spawning, artificial discs can be placed and left on their own.

Although the discs are artificial, they become a part of the natural environment of the body of water. Small plants and algae will begin to grow on the surface of the plates. This aquatic plant life is vital in drawing in small feeder fish, as the plant life serves as their food.

Texas Hunter spawning colonies are created with eco-friendly materials. The plates will not disintegrate like other natural materials would. The material used to build the colonies is high quality, and made to last a lifetime.

Setup and installation

  1. Lay the discs on a flat surface
  2. Fill the top of the discs with small gravel
  3. Slowly lower the discs into the water

The colonies will sink on their own and settle at the bottom of the water.

Where is the best placement for spawning colonies?

The spawning beds should be places in shallow water. Ideally, the plates should be placed in two to three feet of water. The colonies are prefect for use in any size pond or lake.

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