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Pond Fish Food for Trophy Fish

Premium fish food makes a big difference for healthy pond fish. Grow trophy fish in ponds and lakes with high protein food. Supplemental feeding programs help to boost the growth and overall health of pond fish while maintaining good water quality.

Natural Waterscapes Game fish food is a good nutrition source for most species of pond fish. Most species of fish including bluegill, bass, perch, trout, bream, shiners, minnows, and tilapia thrive on the balanced blend of essential nutrients and minerals. Pond owners often use an automatic fish feeder such as the Texas Hunter Fish Feeder to provide consistent fish feeding on a schedule.  Fish Feeding programs often target the forage fish (minnows, bream, shiners, bluegill) to improve the aquatic food chain production and benefit the sport fish at the top of the fish food chain.  

Waterfowl Food for Ducks, Swans, and Geese

Whether feeding waterfowl at the local park, lake, or on your own pond, high quality food is the best choice. Biological studies show that feeding bread and other left-overs does not give ducks, geese, and swans a balanced diet and may, in fact, be harmful. The floating duck food pellets are specially formulated to provide the nutritional value that both wild and domestic waterfowl need to thrive.

A premium grade duck, goose, and swan food provides more than energy. Many key vitamins and minerals, such as Niacin, are included in the floating pellets for maximum bird health. Particularly in public areas where waterfowl have been fed a "junk food" diet, it may take a week of regular feeding for the birds to flock to the food.