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Live Largemouth Bass (20) 2-4" Pond Fish

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  • Fish for stocking ponds
  • Live Largemouth Bass (20) 2-4" Pond Fish
  • Baby largemouth bass for sale
  • Where to get fish to stock a pond
  • Live Fish Double Bagged Packaged in Insulation
  • Stock a fish pond
  • Live Largemouth Bass (20) 2-4" Pond Fish
  • Live Largemouth Bass (20) 2-4" Pond Fish
  • Live Largemouth Bass (20) 2-4" Pond Fish
  • Live Largemouth Bass (20) 2-4" Pond Fish
  • Live Largemouth Bass (20) 2-4" Pond Fish

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Largemouth Bass For Sale- 20 Live Fish for Pond Stocking

Pond Stocking Package includes (20) 2-4" live largemouth bass.  These fish are the northern largemouth bass species Micropterus salmoides salmoides. Largemouth bass are green with a lateral black line on both sides of the fish.

Bass can grow over 0.5 lb per year. Growth rates vary greatly on food source and water quality. 

How will pond fish be delivered?

Fish arrive in insulated boxes. Inside of the box is an ice pack to maintain the water temperature. Fish are double bagged in water with oxygen and treatment to reduce stress. This treatment makes water appear green-blue.

Live Largemouth Bass Fish for Pond Stocking

How many fish should I stock in my pond?

When stocking a pond we recommend 3 prey fish for every 1 predator fish. Bass are considered predator fish. Using this 3:1 stocking ratio ensures a better balance of fish populations within a pond.

Pond Stocking Rates
1/4 acre pond   15-25 largemouth bass
1/2 acre pond   25-50 largemouth bass
1 acre pond   50-100 largemouth bass
2 acre pond   100-200 largemouth bass

What is the best time to stock a fish pond?

Ideal times to stock a pond are spring and fall when water temperatures are cooler. Fish can be stocked in summer as well, but warmer water can be more stressful on new fish. 

Largemouth bass characteristics

Color: Green
Pattern: Lateral black line on both sides 
Average adult length: 16"
Average adult weight: 2.5 lb
Potential growth per year: 0.5 lb
Bass diet: Fish, crayfish, frogs, game fish food


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