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BassBloom Pond Fertilizer 25 lb

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  • BassBloom Pond Fertilizer
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BassBloom Pond Fertilizer 25 lb

  • Maintain desirable plankton bloom
  • Grow bigger fish
  • Boost the pond's food chain

BassBloom is a premium fish pond fertilizer. Use to maintain the plankton bloom in pond water.

25 lbs treats 6 surface acres

Why fertilize my pond?

BassBloom pond fertilizer is ideal for pond owners looking to grow trophy fish. By promoting a planktonic algae bloom, this boosts the entire food chain.

When should I fertilize my fish pond?

Begin applying Bass Bloom fish pond fertilizer when water temperature is above 60 degrees F. Reapply two weeks after initial application. Then continue applying every 3 weeks to maintain water visibility of 18". Stop fertilizing when visibility is reduced to less than 18" deep.

How to use Pond Fertilizer:

Apply at a rate of 4 lbs per surface acre. Broadcast powder across the pond surface where water is at least 18" deep. BassBloom is 100% water soluble and will dissolve on its own as it drops through the water column.

Treat regularly to maintain 18" of water visibility.

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