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BigCatch Catfish Food 20 lb

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  • Floating Catfish Food
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  • catfish feed
  • fresh food catfish, carp, tilapia
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BigCatch Catfish Food

  • Diet for catfish, carp, tilapia
  • Floating Pellets
  • Perfect for automatic feeders

BigCatch Catfish Food is a complete diet formulated for catfish and other omnivorous fish. Our food is ideal for maximizing the grow out of catfish.

What makes our catfish food better?

We produce small batches of feed to ensure the freshest food possible. Our focus is getting quality ingredients into each batch of catfish feed. Our feed is produced at a certified BSE Free facility and certified as Safe Food/Safe Feed manufacturer by AFIA.

What to feed catfish?

Like all fish species, catfish have certain dietary needs. The catfish is an omnivore and this diet consists of small fish, insects, plants, seeds, snails, crayfish, algae.

Providing a complete diet with premium catfish food reduces the amount of foraging needed. Catfish are able to grow at a faster rate and reach a larger potential size when exerting less energy to consume food.

Pellet feeding catfish provides an excellent opportunity to see what is growing in your pond.

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