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RapidBac Pond Bacteria 1 gal

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  • Rapidbac Pond Bacteria Ammonia Remover
  • Pond Bacteria Water Clarity
  • Natural Safe Pond Treatment
  • RapidBac Pond Bacteria Clear Water
  • Pond Ammonia Help


RapidBac Pond Bacteria 1 gallon

  • Quickly Removes Ammonia & Nitrate
  • Improves Water Clarity
  • Restores pond water balance

RapidBac is a blend of beneficial bacteria that removes unwanted nutrients from pond water. This treatment also acts as a natural flocculent and improves water clarity.

1 gallon treats up to 1 acre

How to remove ammonia from pond water

RapidBac is an ideal solution for rapid removal of toxic ammonia in pond water. The active bacteria in RapidBac go straight to work reducing harmful levels. This liquid bacteria is a faster option than powder or pelletized bacteria treatments.

Beneficial bacteria removes ammonia by safely breaking down these nutrients in water. To ensure that dangerous levels of ammonia do not return in the future, continue to apply a maintenance dose of RapidBac. This establishes a healthy balance of good bacteria in water to target new issues as they arise.

How does RapidBac improve water clarity?

There are 2 ways RapidBac clears murky pond water. When Rapidbac is applied to water it has a biological flocculation capability. This means it clumps small particles together, which causes them to drop to the pond bottom. As a natural bacteria, RapidBac works to break down organic debris and nutrients in water which, over time, will also improve water clarity.

RapidBac Application:

Shake bottle vigorously before use.

2 Different Application Methods: Pour OR Spray

Pour recommended rate in area with good circulation for best dispersion.

Spray Rapidbac across the pond surface via tank sprayer. Tank mix RapidBac with water to dillute concentrate. Mixture ratio is 1:1- 1 gallon of Rapidbac with 1 gallon of water.

Spray method allows for faster dispersion throughout the water column.

Treat every 2 weeks when water temperature is above 38°F. See treatment rates below. This pond bacteria should be dosed based on the the size of the whole pond.

RapidBac Dosage Rates

Pond Surface Area      Avg Pond Depth 5'      Avg Pond Depth 10'
1/8 acre (5,445 square feet)     16 oz of Rapidbac     32 oz of Rapidbac
1/4 acre (10,890 square feet)      32 oz of Rapidbac     64 oz of Rapidbac
1 acre (43,560 square feet)     1 gal of Rapidbac     2 gal of Rapidbac

For initial shocking dose, treatment rate can be doubled.

Rapidbac can be applied at the same time as Muck Remover, Phosphate Eliminator or Pond Dye.

Do not use on same day as chemical treatment. Chemical treatments kill beneficial bacteria. Wait 72 hours before using RapidBac if a chemical is applied to the pond.



Rapidbac has no water use restrictions. Safe for swimming, agricultural use, fishing, etc immediately after use.

Made in USA

Shelf life: 1 year shelf life


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