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MetaFloc Phosphorus Removal Treatment

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MetaFloc Biological Clarifier and Phosphorus Binder

  • Reduces phosphorus levels
  • Improves water quality
  • Clears Water 
  • No water use restrictions
  • Safe for fish and wildlife

MetaFloc is a one of a kind bacterial blended phosphate binder and flocculant treatment. This product creates a natural way to remove dangerously high phosphorus levels in your lake or pond. MetaFloc is a flocculant (particle binder) that improves water clarity and water quality. This product will not harm any aquatic life, including plants and animals. 

Unlike other phosphorus binders, Metafloc permanently binds phosphorus in water and sediments, making it unusable to weeds and algae. 

Why MetaFloc?

Phosphorus and clarity control is vital to help the ecosystem of a pond thrive. The flocculant bonds phosphorus to other particles in the water. This gives the newly bonded particles the mass to sink to the bottom of the pond/lake. The particles then settle in the sediment.

MetaFloc will continue to remove phosphorus when settled at the bottom of the pond or lake. When in the sediment, this pond treatment will also help to reduce nitrogen in the sediment.

This treatment will prevent eutrophication, which causes algae blooms and fish kills. Eutrophication occurs when water has high nutrient levels.

MetaFloc acts almost instantly to improve water quality. In just a few hours, MetaFloc noticeably improves water clarity.

This product combines new research and bioengineering that has never been seen on the market before. It is the best option for long term control of phosphorus and water clarity.

how to remove phosphorus from lake water

Dosage rates for MetaFloc:

Maintenance Dose- 1 gallon of MetaFloc per acre - Treat once per month

Rapid Nutrient Removal Dose: 

Phosphorus Levels to Remove
0.03-0.05 mg/L      0.05-0.10 mg/L      >0.10 mg/L
2-6 gal per acre      6-8 gal per acre      12+ gal per acre
* see package label for additional dosage rates

What is phosphorus?

Phosphorus is a naturally occurring nutrient that is found in pond water.

Where does phosphorus come from?

Phosphorus is introduced in ponds from runoff, animal waste, fertilizer, sewage, and organic waste.

How does phosphorus affect my pond?

High phosphorous levels can be detrimental to water quality and clarity. Phosphorus accelerates plant growth and promotes algae blooms. High levels of phosphorus create conditions that permit the overgrowth of aquatic plants, and weeds.

Why is water clarity important?

Water clarity is important for reasons other than aesthetics. Murky water creates thermocline, a temperature gradient in which hot water is near the surface and deep water is much cooler. Poor pond clarity reduces dissolved oxygen levels, and can negatively alter the food web of a pond.

Reduced water clarity is also dangerous to fish as it decreased growth rates and can cause death.



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