Algae Control Pond Package
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Algae Control for Ponds  - fast algaecide treatment

The Algae Control Package is a professional grade algaecide and catalyst for algae control on ponds.

Contains 1 gallon of Cutrine Plus liquid algaecide, 1 gallon of Pondzilla Pro treatment accelerator, and 32 ounce PlexMate Surfactant. Tank mixing these three treatments together provides faster, and more effective solution for killing string algae and chara. The Algae Control Treatment Pack is designed for natural fish ponds and farm ponds.

  • Accelerates algae break down
  • Manages chara better than using an algaecide alone
  • All 3 products can be tank mixed together for a single treatment

Treats 8,600 square feet

Treatment instructions for Algae Control in Ponds: 

To treat 2,000 square feet mix 32 oz Cutrine Plus, 32 oz Pondzilla Pro, 4 oz Surfactant, and 2 gal water. Mix in a tank or backpack sprayer. Spray algae directly. 3 gallon Sprayer sold here

FOR BEST RESULTS treat early on a sunny day. Treat only half of the pond surface at a time, waiting 10 to 14 days before treating second half. 

Algae Control Pack Mixture Rates

Treatment Area





2,000 square feet

32 oz

32 oz

4 oz

2 gal

4,000 square feet

64 oz

64 oz

8 oz

4 gal

8,000 square feet

1 gal

1 gal

16 oz

8 gal

What happens to algae after the algaecide application?

Begin to notice results within 24-48 hours after application of algaecide mixture. As string algae and/or chara die, it floats to the surface in large mats. It turns yellow/brown as its dying. Within 10 days the mats will lose buoyancy and drop to the bottom where it decomposes.

algaecide - prevent harmful algae bloom

How long will this treatment control algae?

Both string algae and chara have no root systems. Algae blooms occur because nutrients are available in the water. To limit future growth, treat water with pond dye to block sunlight from reaching the pond bottom. Natural bacteria treatments like Muck Remover and Pond Cleanse reduce nutrients and bottom muck that feed algae.

What causes Algae Blooms?

Algae blooms are most often caused by water chemistry that is out of balance.  Excess nitrogen and phosphorus provide the fuel that algae need to grow and multiply.  When extra nutrients are available in the water, algae blooms occur.  The amount of sunlight reaching the pond and the alkalinity (carbonate hardness) of the water also contribute to algae blooms. Read More About Algae Causing Nutrients

What causes algae to grow in ponds

Other than not looking very nice, algae blooms can be harmful to aquatic life.  While some particular species of algae and cyanobacteria produce toxins, other common algae blooms can be harmful in more subtle ways.  During the day algae produces more oxygen than it consumes through photosynthesis and releases that oxygen into the water.  However, once the sun sets and photosynthesis stops algae still use oxygen but are not producing oxygen.  The result, particularly when water temperatures are over 65 degrees F, is dangerously low oxygen levels which can result in fish kills.  Severe algae blooms are also harmful to rooted, native plants on the pond or lake  bottom that provide habitat for fish and other aquatic life.  The floating algae actually shade the pond bottom and prevent growth of healthy vegetation.  

 Learn more about Algae Control Here

Do not use Pond Algae Control Treatment Pack in ponds with koi, goldfish, or trout unless carbonate hardness is over 50 ppm.

No water use restrictions- water can be used after treatment for livestock, swimming, fishing or irrigation.

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