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Pond Renu - Koi Pond Shock Treatment

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  • Pond Renu pond shock treatment
  • How to remove phosphate from water
  • Koi Pond Phosphate Remover
  • improve pond water clarity
  • Natural Pond Clarifier
  • Koi Pond Treatment safe for fish


Pond ReNu - Shock Treatment for Koi Ponds (20 scoops)

  • Improves pond condition
  • Removes unwanted phosphate from water 
  • Stabilizes pH
  • Improves Clarity
  • Brings balance back to the pond

Pond Renu is a fish safe treatment formulated to bring balance back to your pond. Renu targets issues that other natural pond treatments do not address. By reducing phosphate levels in water, this improves water clarity. The balance of pH improves the results of other pond treatments. The pH is also important for fish health. This treatment should be used WITH Pond Remedy. 

Pond Renu Treatment Instructions

Pour powder into waterfall/stream  OR  Dissolve powder in 1 gallon of water and then pour mixture into the pond. Apply treatment every 2 weeks.

Water will initially appear cloudy after application

Dosage Rates:

  Pond Volume     #Scoops*   
1,000 gallons 1-2 scoops
2,000 gallons 2-4 scoops
5,000 gallons 5-10 scoops

*1 oz scoop included

Removes 0.25 ppm phosphate per application


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