Muck Remover GP for Koi Ponds

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  • Professional Grade Koi Pond Muck Reducer
  • Muck Remover GP for Koi Ponds
  • fish pond muck digester pellet
  • Koi pond muck pellets
  • Muck Remover GP for Koi Ponds
  • Digest Fish waste with Natural Bacteria
  • Pond Sludge Digester - Easy Application


  • Remove pond muck, dead leaves, fish waste, and other organic debris
  • Muck Remover GP is beneficial bacteria and enzymes in pellet form. Both warm and cold water bacteria are blended together to extend the treatment season: Use any time water temperature is above 38 degrees
  • Great for koi ponds, garden ponds, swim ponds, bog areas, and other water features
  • 150 pellets treat 5000 gallons up to 5 months, Use 15 pellets every 2 weeks for best results
  • Natural pond treatment is safe for fish, other aquatic life, wildlife, and pets

Muck Remover GP are professional grade pond bacteria pellets formulated to consume organic muck in fish ponds. Consumes leaves, dead vegetation, fish waste. Reducing organic waste leads to a reduction in pond odors and unwanted nutrients. Muck reducing pellets contain a mixture of warm water and cold water bacteria strains for treating koi ponds any time water temperature is above 38 degrees. Beneficial bacteria treatments thrive in conditions with high dissolved oxygen levels. Muck Remover GP is most effective in a well-aerated pond. How to apply Muck Remover GP? Distribute muck pellets evenly over the pond surface. Pellets will sink to the bottom. Dosage rate: Up to 500 gallons- 4 pellets every 2 weeks, Up to 2000 gallons- 8 pellets every 2 weeks, Up to 5000 gallons- 15 pellets. How many pellets are included? Resealable package includes 150 pellets. How long until results are noticed? Results do vary based on the consistency of the muck, but in general, noticeable results in 2-4 weeks. This treatment has no water use restrictions and is safe for koi, goldfish, and other aquatic life. It is also safe for birds, wildlife and pets that visit the pond.

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