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Pond Armor

Pond Shield Sealant for Concrete Ponds 1.5 qt

$99.99 - $109.99


Pond Shield by Pond Armor Epoxy Liner

Pond Shield is a non toxic epoxy pond sealerfor concrete ponds and fountains. Pond Shield is safe for fish and aquatic plants. Epoxy is easily applied with a roller or brush.

Pond Shield is available in Black, Clear, Gray, White, Competition Blue, Forrest Green, and Sky Blue.

Kit contains:

Part A Resin
Part B Hardener
Thickness Gauge

Pond Shield Kit yields 60 square feet at 10 mils thickness on a smooth surface.

What can I use Pond Shield on?

Pond Shield can be used on surfaces like concrete, cement, shotcrete, gunnite, stone, tile wood, metals like steel, aluminum, copper, cast iron, brass, etc., rock, some plastics, old coatings (as long as the surfaces are prepared properly first) fiberglass, etc. This is NOT designed for use with rubber or plastic pond liners.




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