Pond Cleanse Bacteria Packets 5 lb

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  • Pond Cleanse beneficial bacteria packets
  • Pond Cleanse water soluble packets
  • Pond Cleanse packet size
  • Easy pond treatment application - simply toss the packets into the pond and let them get to work!


Pond Cleanse Beneficial Bacteria Packets 5 lb- 10 packets

  • Clears murky water caused by suspended organics and high nutrients
  • Lowers ammonia, nitrite, nitrate and phosphate
  • Destroys pond water odors
  • Easy to use water soluble packets
  • Safe for all aquatic & domestic life

5 lbs treats 1.25 acres or 1/4 acre for 2.5 months

Pond Cleanse is all natural beneficial bacteria packets for cleaning pond water. Murky water is commonly caused by suspended organic debris and algae-causing nutrients from fish waste, runoff from farm fields and debris from surrounding trees. This strain of beneficial bacteria breaks down excess nutrients in water. Our formula also contains barley straw and cool water bacteria to allow treatments to be effective in water as low as 38°F.

If clarity is not a concern in my pond, why should I use Pond Cleanse?

Pond Cleanse is meant for more than just water clarity. It actually has a FAR GREATER JOB. Pond Cleanse breaks down unwanted nutrients in pond water. You can't SEE these nutrients. Nutrients come from fish, fish food, fertilizer, dead vegetation, and even ground water. Besides triggering algae blooms, these nutrients can be harmful to fish. Pond Cleanse helps to manage these nutrients.

Pond Cleanse Application:

Treat every 2 weeks when water temperature is above 38°F. Toss in 2 packets per 1/4 acre. Packets will quickly dissolve in water. Do not use on same day as chemical treatment. Chemical treatments kill beneficial bacteria.

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