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  • Clearcast glyphosate alternative

    ClearCast Aquatic Herbicide 32 oz

    $169.99 - $207.97
    Clearcast Herbicide for Cattail Control Clearcast aquatic herbicide is the perfect remedy for overgrown shoreline weeds and emergent aquatic weeds disrupting the ecosystem of a pond. Cattails do not re-grow Use any time of year Can be used on...
    $169.99 - $207.97
  • Rapidbac Pond Bacteria Ammonia Remover

    RapidBac Pond Bacteria 1 gal

    RapidBac Pond Bacteria 1 gallon Quickly Removes Ammonia & Nitrate Improves Water Clarity Restores pond water balance RapidBac is a blend of beneficial bacteria that removes unwanted nutrients from pond water. This treatment also acts as a...
  • Sepro MSO surfactant for use with Clearcast

    MSO Surfactant 8 oz

    MSO Surfactant herbicide enhancer 8 oz MSO stands for methylated seed oil which is the active ingredient in this adjuvant. This liquid is not a stand alone treatment. It is meant to be mixed with Clearcast or other Imazamox or Imazapyr aquatic herbicide...
  • Aquathol Super K Pond Herbicide

    Aquathol Super K- 10 lb Aquatic Herbicide

    Aquathol Super K Aquatic Herbicide Broad Spectrum Granular Aquatic Herbicide- Submerged Weed Control A great treatment choice for plants growing in deeper water Broadcast over actively growing plants 10lbs treats up to 12,500 square...
  • Cattzilla aquatic herbicide enhancer improves chemical penetration

    Cattzilla Herbicide Enhancer 1 gallon

    Cattzilla Catalyst for Rapid Decay of Cattails Cattzilla is designed for use with Clearcast aquatic herbicide. It enhances the penetration and efficiency of the herbicide. Cattzilla most importantly speeds up the breakdown of dead stalks and shoots of...
  • Sonar AS Pond Herbicide

    Sonar AS Aquatic Herbicide 8 oz

    Sonar AS Aquatic Herbicide for long-term control  Sonar A.S. is a systemic aquatic herbicide formulated for long term control of aquatic weeds. Slow reaction time makes this pond treatment safe for fish. Sonar A.S. is an ideal solution for managing...
  • Cold Water Bacteria For Ponds

    WinterGard Cold Water Bacteria 30 lb

    WinterGard Beneficial Bacteria for Ponds Safeguard pond health when water temperatures between 38 and 60 degrees F.   Protects pond against winter water quality issues Powerful Spring, Fall, & Winter pond cleaner Safe for fish,...
  • Propeller Flumioxazin Herbicide

    Propeller 5 lb Aquatic Herbicide

    Propeller Aquatic Herbicide 5 lb Propeller is effective for controlling a broad range of floating, emergent, and submerged pond weeds. Use Propeller to get rid of tough weeds like watermeal and duckweed. Complete kill within 7-14 days.  Use...
  • Clean Pond Maintenance Kit - natural pond cleaner, muck remover, pond dye, pond clarifier

    Clean Pond Maintenance Kit 1 acre

    $1,879.99 - $2,155.94
    Clean Pond Maintenance Pack for 1 acre ponds 5 month supply for 1 acre pond The Clean Pond Maintenance Pack provides you with natural treatments to give you a healthier, and cleaner water body. Pond ecosystem issues like murky water from suspended...
    $1,879.99 - $2,155.94

Pond Treatments

Pond Treatments that are Safe for Fish

Maintaining a healthy and vibrant fish pond requires the use of safe and effective treatments. You can find many pond treatment chemicals and natural remedies that can improve water quality without hurting your fish.

One popular choice is the use of beneficial bacteria. These natural microorganisms help break down organic waste, such as fish waste and excess food, into harmless byproducts. Introducing beneficial bacteria promotes a balanced ecosystem and prevents the build-up of harmful substances.

Another safe and effective treatment is the use of pond enzymes. These enzymes work by accelerating the breakdown of organic matter, including algae and sludge. Enzymes can lower nutrient levels in your pond which limits excess algae growth and keeps the water clean and healthy for fish.

Using beneficial bacteria and enzymes reduces the need for major pond maintenance in the future.

For those dealing with excessive algae growth, algaecides can be a viable option. Choosing algaecides specifically formulated for use in fish ponds is crucial. These products target algae while ensuring safety for fish and other aquatic life. It is important to carefully follow the instructions and dosage recommendations to ensure the well-being of your fish.

Pond Chemicals - Aquatic Herbicides

Aquatic herbicides are another option for controlling unwanted plant growth in your pond. These pond treatment chemicals are designed to eliminate pond weeds such as water lilies or duckweed. These plants have the ability to grow rapidly and can quickly dominate your pond if left uncontrolled.

When using aquatic herbicides, it is important to choose the right product for your specific needs. It is important to identify the specific plants causing problems in your pond before choosing a herbicide. Different herbicides target different weeds.

Read and follow the instructions from the manufacturer before using any chemicals on your pond. This will ensure that you are using the correct dosage and applying the herbicide in a safe and effective manner.

It's also important to consider the potential impact of herbicides on the overall ecosystem of your pond. Herbicides control plant growth, but can harm beneficial plants and organisms if not used correctly.

To minimize the potential negative effects, it is recommended to apply herbicides in small, targeted areas rather than treating the entire pond. This will help to limit the exposure of non-target plants and organisms to the chemicals.

Additionally, it's important to monitor the water quality and the health of your fish after applying herbicides. If you notice any adverse effects, like fish behaving abnormally, seek professional advice and take appropriate action.

Regular monitoring and maintenance, like using good bacteria and enzymes, can reduce the need for chemicals in the future.

In addition to these treatments, regular water testing and maintenance are essential for a thriving fish pond. Monitoring the pH, ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate levels will help you identify any imbalances and take appropriate action. Adding liquid lime to balance pH and buffer against acid rain protects the fish population in all seasons.

Remember, the key to successful pond treatments is to prioritize the safety of your fish. Always select products with labels indicating they are safe for fish ponds and diligently follow the instructions. With the right treatments and proper care, you can enjoy a beautiful and thriving fish pond for years to come.