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Resources for DIY Pond Management


Algae Growth


Algae Facts- Learn about the types of algae and their unique characteristics

Pond Scum and Algae- What type of scum is growing on the surface of your pond? Is it algae, duckweed, or watermeal?

Algae Fueling Nutrients- Find out WHY algae is growing in my pond? Dive into the root causes of algae growth.

Mysterious Spring Algae Bloom- Learn about the causes of spring algae blooms


Cloudy Pond Water

Causes of Cloudy Water- The color of your water is the first clue to solving why pond water is cloudy. Read about the causes based on color and solutions to clear cloudy pond water.


Pond & Lake Aeration

Learn About Aeration- Get to know the different styles of aeration and benefits to each type.

4 Seasons of Aeration- Aeration provides many benefits through each season. Find out how aeration can benefit your pond in spring, summer, winter, and fall.


Poor Pond Health


Unmanaged Aging Ponds- What happens to a pond over the years?  

Pond Muck & Sludge- Learn about how muck impacts a pond. Find out where muck comes from.

The Impact Phosphate Has On A Pond- Is phosphate in my pond? Where did it come from and how does it impact my water quality.

Fall Turnover and Seasonal Water Quality Changes-There are seasonal shifts that occur within a pond that impact oxygen and nutrient levels.


Leaky Pond


Single Biggest Pond Construction Mistake- Before building a new pond read this article, you won't regret it!

Which is a better sealing option- Bentonite or Soilfloc? Not all ponds are the same. Find out which pond sealer is best suited for your project.

Sodium Bentonite for Ponds- Learn how to properly dose and apply bentonite clay.

Bentonite FAQ- Here are the most common questions we receive about sodium bentonite with answers.

How to Repair Muskrat Holes- Learn about the best way to seal off muskrat holes


Pond Fish


Fish Management Practices- Steps to growing bigger, healthier game fish in your pond or lake.