Pond Water Clarifier 40 lb

Fish-Safe clarifier for ponds 

  • High concentrate water clarifier
  • Fish-safe
  • pH Balanced
  • Reduces phosphorus

High strength clarifier removes cloudiness from pond water by causing very small particles in the water to stick together and fall out of the water column.  A beneficial side effect is a reduction in phosphorus concentration which helps to limit algae growth and allow water to become crystal clear!

For use as a water clarifier/flocculent:
Mix 1 pound of Pond Clarifier with 4 gallons of water.
Spread the solution over approximately 2,000 square
feet of pond surface area.  For large applications, the product can be spread in granular form, but it is most effective when dissolved in water prior to application.

For use as a phosphate binder:
Mix 10 ounces of Pond Clarifier with 2 gallons of water
per 2,500 gallons. Removes approximately 0.8 mg/L
of phosphorus. 

For large applications, apply as granular at 40 lbs per 62,500 gallons of water to remove 0.8 mg/L.  Adjust dosage for lower phosphorus concentrations.  For most accurate application rates, we recommend water testing to determine the phosphorus concentration for treatment. 

Pond Water Quality Test Kit